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Solutions to our changing climate are here now – and Enova is one of them!

In these current uncertain times of a changing climate, Enova Community Energy is even more determined to see its purpose and positive impact reach as many communities across NSW and beyond as possible.


Enova customer Damon Gameau: Adopt climate change solutions rapidly

As film director Damon Gameau says in his film 2040, the solutions to climate change already exist. We just need to adopt them broadly and as soon as possible.

Enova was formed to be one of the solutions. As Australia’s first community-owned electricity provider, Enova was built from the ground up to empower local places to generate, store and share their own energy.

Here’s a message from Damon about Enova and our offering:

In fact, Damon himself has switched his household’s electricity to Enova, in keeping with his mission of getting everyone to take urgent action now – with the solutions that exist now.

To join the waitlist for Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong and Sydney for when we launch early October, enter your details here and be in with the chance to win $1,500 worth of community-owned electricity.


Community and climate impact

Enova creates community and climate change impact through our commitment to ethical energy and via our social enterprise model. That’s right – we’re an electricity company that’s also a social enterprise!

Our community owned energy company redirects profits back into our not-for-profit arm for community energy projects, like microgrids and solar gardens.

This is how we’re turning Australia’s outdated and coal-dependent energy system around and bringing power back to the people.


Get your 2040 action plan and Register to Switch!

Enova is here, now, making the change that is needed to create sustainable Australian communities.

As part of the 2040 movement being generated by Damon’s film, the 2040 team has put together a comprehensive action plan – full of real actions you can take now to have an immediate and positive impact on our environment.

We’re proud that switching your energy to Enova is included as an important 2040 action! You can receive your 2040 action plan here and if you haven't watched this inspiring movie yet, you can stream it in the comfort of your own home here.

When Enova is switched on in Newcastle, Wollongong and Sydney in early October we urge you to take this simple action and switch to Enova. We look forward so much to having you on board.

By joining Enova you’ll be taking direct and immediate action on climate change and you’ll be strengthening local Australian communities, including your own local area. Please, take action now and if you're in Sydney, Newcastle or Wollongong register your interest here. and if you're anywhere else in NSW, give our friendly staff a call on 02 5622 1700. It takes less than 10 minutes for the team to handle the entire switch process for you!


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