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Electricity that gives back to local communities

Enova Community Energy is changing the face of electricity. 
We are a social enterprise energy retailer, built from the ground up by the people, for the people. 

Enova is owned by more than 1,600 Australian community shareholders. We’re already supporting communities to power themselves with renewable energy that is locally generated, stored and distributed. 

As a social enterprise, we will also give half of our profits (after tax and reinvestment) back to the community via energy efficiency, education and community projects.


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Enova for your home

Enova for your home

Enova for your business

Enova for your business

Why Enova?

Doing energy differently

As a community-owned energy retailer, Enova is helping change and localise Australia’s energy system.
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Keeping money local

Millions of dollars leave local communities in energy bills each year.
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Climate crisis action

Enova helps communities take local action on climate change by creating innovative energy models based on generating, storing and sharing from renewable sources.
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Championing renewables

Enova is a leader in the transition to a 100% renewable future and is helping communities create their own energy supplies based on renewables.
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Social impact

Enova is a social enterprise and will return half of its profits (after tax and reinvestment) into innovative community renewable energy projects, energy efficiency and education.

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Great customer service

Our team of Australian energy consultants will be able to discuss your current usage and recommend the most suitable plan for you. They will even take care of the sign up process. Give us a call 02 5622 1700 or sign up here.

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What our community is saying


The best energy company in the country... local, renewable energy friendly, a very friendly voice at the other end of the phone, and recycling the profits locally.

Lain - Lismore, NSW


We just 'switched on' to Enova!!! No more paying for electricity to companies whose heads are so far down the coal mine that they can’t see what they’re actually doing to the planet. A brilliant concept.

Deb - Grafton, NSW


Great customer service... but to be honest the best part is, we have saved so much $$$. We do have solar but had it with another provider for 4 years before switching and since then our energy bills have almost halved. Thanks Enova!

Helena S. - Brunswick Heads, NSW


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