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Enova’s Renewable Development Initiative To Kick-Start Local Renewable Energy Generation

One of Enova Energy’s aims is to support local renewable energy generation.  We are achieving this through Enova’s Renewable Energy Initiative (RDI) which will be used to  help kick-start the development of new community renewable energy projects, both large and small, with priority for Northern Rivers-based projects.

Enova will then purchase power from community renewable generation projects to help make them more financially viable, and create a pathway to transition more customers onto community generated clean energy supply.

Through choosing Enova’s RDI option, customers can contribute to the initiative by forgoing their pay on time discount. Business can also contribute $5/week. In effect customers are foregoing a discount to help get local renewable energy off the ground in this region.

“We are particularly impressed with the number of people who have chosen to support our RDI, this is what power by the people for the people really looks like” said Steve Harris, CEO.

Call for Expressions of Interest

Enova will soon be calling for expressions of interest for the supply of renewable energy to meet our customers’ needs. This program is another first for Enova and the region. Not only is Enova Australia’s first community-owned electricity retailer but we’re also providing a creative way to initiate community renewable energy projects in partnership with local governments, community groups and like-minded supporters.  In addition, Enova may decide to further support local communities by making its finance arm available to help communities in capital raising and associated financial management.

For more information, email us on or call us on 02 5622 1700.


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