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Enova Community is the not-for-profit arm of Enova Community Energy

Reinvesting 50% of profits

As a social enterprise, Enova Community Energy will return 50% of profits (after tax and reinvestment) from its retail arm Enova Energy, into Enova Community, to help facilitate a range of community projects focused on energy efficiency, education, community owned renewable energy.

Renewable energy for all

Based in Byron Bay, Enova Community Ltd is the not-for-profit arm of Enova Community Energy. A registered charity, we work to help all members of the community reduce their energy use and access renewables.

Our objectives

Advancing the natural environment by:
• reducing carbon emissions generated through the consumption of fossil fuel energy
• promoting development and use of renewable energy resources

Advancing social or public welfare of communities: 
Relieving energy poverty and assisting low socio-economic groups by undertaking the following activities;
• educating low income households in the efficient use of energy and the means of lowering energy consumption
• assisting low income households and disadvantaged communities to install energy saving and renewable energy technologies
• working with community organisations and welfare agencies to finance shape and deliver social benefit projects that ensure the community as a  whole can be included in the shift to renewable energy

Community Solar Gardens

Enova Community Solar Gardens are Australian-first innovations that enable people unable to have solar panels on their own roof, to join and receive all the benefits of solar panels.

Community Projects

Enova Community works with community and not-for-profit organisations to facilitate access to renewable energy for a wide range of groups, including people on lower incomes and groups with limited funds.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Enova Community collaborates with community-based partners equally as committed to the energy revolution as we are! Our partnerships enable real outcomes in energy efficiency, transition to renewable energy and creation of new, local community energy initiatives.

Energy Efficiency

Here are some of our top tips to living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle whilst saving on your electricity bills.


Our volunteers play a critical role in educating Australians in efficient energy use and create a more sustainable Australia.


We’re collating an excellent resource base here so that you can access the most up to date and relevant research and reports tracking climate change and energy.