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We're proudly supporting The Good Car Company to offer affordable electric vehicles through our Enova EV Bulk-Buys.


Our first EV Bulk Buy has now closed!

But we will be running more. Want to keep in touch?

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Lismore Volunteer Crew

The fantastic work of an enthusiastic team of volunteers who banded together in Lismore in late 2021, helped raise local awareness of electric vehicles and helped people learn about our EV Bulk Buy with Good Car Co.

Eric, Ashley and the team held a stall at the Lismore Farmers Market for a number of Saturdays, and coordinated short test drives.

Eric and Ashley Lismore Red Lizzie

The Enova EV Bulk Buy Launch Event on Zoom

  • Due to COVID impacts we decided to host our Bulk Buy launch event online to enable as many people as possible to attend, as safely as possible. This event marked the opening of our EV Bulk Buy with The Good Car Company.

  • Watch the Launch video here: 

Live In-Person EV Workshops and Test Drives

As our region was ravaged by COVID during summer we decided to scale down events and host small workshops. We managed to squeeze one in before we were hit by the devastating floods.

Thank you to Zero Emissions Byron for supporting that effort. We cancelled all other workshops as many of our friends and colleagues were directly impacted by the floods and our community entered into emergency recovery.  

Nissan Leaf and Kona Test Drives

We supported Good Car Co to run a program of test drives throughout April and May. These were extremely popular and supported the decision making of many who participated in the Bulk Buy to purchase a new or second hand EV.

Seb Stone & Wood 40kW Leaf

EV Show & Shine Event

The sun shone, the people came and the electric vehicles put on a great show. What a fantastic Show & Shine event, showcasing Nissan Leafs, Konas, Ioniqs and the Polestar. 

Big group shot hi res-edited

THANK YOU! to everyone who came to our event, registered to receive the Bulk Buy information & took a test drive. Thank you to all of the amazing EV ambassadors, who are local EV owners, who brought their vehicles on the day and had hundreds of conversations about life with an EV with our enthusiastic crowd.

Who is Good Car Co?

Good Car Co. is a social enterprise created to decarbonise transport.

  • GCC has a range of quality checked low mileage electric vehicles available for purchase starting at $17k.

  • They sell directly to individuals, and through community bulk-buys like this - our Enova EV Bulk Buy.

  • The Enova EV Bulk Buy is a way for people in the Northern Rivers who want an EV, to learn about EVs, experience a test drive, and order their EV through the Bulk Buy. They then benefit from lower prices because Good Car Co passes on the savings generated to Bulk Buy participants. The aim is to help the transition to EVs happen more quickly for more people!
  • On behalf of the Enova Bulk-Buy participants, GCC will quality check and purchase low mileage Nissan Leaf EVs from Japan and import them to Australia.
  • With the collective buying power of a bulk-buy, GCC can get significant savings throughout its supply chain and pass them on to you.  

Anton talking to crowd members back of shirt lo res


GCC customer and Leaf test ride driver


Nige and Olive lo res



Access more affordable electric cars 

Purchase a quality used electric vehicle through the ethical social enterprise Good Car Co. and save significantly compared to the price of a new vehicle.


Decarbonise Daily Transport 

By owning an electric vehicle you massively reduce transport emissions and drive with a smile on your face. No more petrol stations and no more polluting carbon emissions!


The Good Car Guarantee and safety checks

All Good Car Co. electric vehicles are carefully inspected and come with a Good Car Guarantee of six months or 7,000-kilometre mechanical warranty (whichever comes first) and up to a three year / 24,000km battery warranty and 30 day returns policy.

Why a Bulk-Buy?

We know that our Enova community of customers, shareholders and supporters is passionate about changing the energy system. You're already taking action by switching to community energy and many of you are installing solar power and batteries. But there is another step on the road to zero emissions! 

The next step is to decarbonise how we drive. It's about transitioning the fuel we use for transport away from fossil fuels and reducing the impact of transport on the environment.

Electric Vehicles (EV’s) when combined with renewable energy can substantially reduce CO2 emissions. But apart from some planet-saving good vibes, EVs are:

  • More fun to drive
  • Cheaper to run and maintain
  • Non-polluting
  • Really quiet
That is why we are partnering with The Good Car Company. They are a social enterprise dedicated to decarbonising transport. They do this by working with communities around Australia to deliver EV community bulk-buys.
Community Fund

We're super excited that Good Car Co will be making a donation for each car purchased through the Enova EV Bulk Buy to our not-for-profit arm Enova Community!

Good Car Co works with all of their partner communities to deliver greater impact by making a donation for each EV purchased through a bulk buy to a community fund. 

The funds can be used for any purpose that supports renewables, EVs, or action for social justice or climate change. 

So not only will our new EV owners benefit from their quiet and emissions-free driving but they'll also help to generate even great community impact just by ordering their EV through the Enova Bulk Buy.

What's the process?

If you're interested in adding an EV to your renewable energy transition journey, this is a great way to go. You'll learn a lot, be able to ask questions, get to test drive EVs and become equipped to make an informed decision. You can then go on to purchase a quality EV through Enova's Bulk-Buy with Good Car Co.  

Once you register your interest below, you will join a four-week educational Bulk-Buy program developed and delivered to you by Good Car Co. about electric vehicle ownership. It includes:

  • Obligation-free COVID-safe test drives,
  • weekend events,
  • zoom calls, and
  • video content.
It's all designed to grow the local EV community and share knowledge.
The Bulk-Buy itself then opens on 6 October, when you can go ahead and purchase a quality, affordably-priced EV from Good Car Co.

What's on offer?

Good Car Co will have several different late-model Nissan Leaf vehicles on offer, priced from $17,000 - $55,000, with a range of between 150km to 350km per charge.

There will also be some commercial van offerings for tradespeople and deliveries.

All of the cars offered by Good Car Co are under a minimum 6 month or 7,000km warranty.  Full details and pricing will be announced prior to the launch of Enova's Bulk-Buy.


You can join the Enova Bulk-Buy education program now. Registration for the Enova Bulk-Buy is open now. You can register here. The Enova Bulk-Buy launches on Tuesday, 22 February 2022 and closes around 20 March 2022. You can order your EV any time during the Bulk-Buy period. That's when Good Car Co will then be able to process their bulk order of EVs to import, passing on all of the savings to you.



Join the growing community of EV owners who are proud to be making a difference


Hear how EV owners are saving money


Owning an EV equals direct action on climate change now

Nissan Leaf AZE0

2014 - 2016 24 kWh battery with approximately 110 km range from $17,000


2016 -2017 30kWh battery kWh battery with approximately 160 km range from $26,000


Nissan LEaf ZE1

2017 -2019 40 kWh battery with approximately 220 km range from $38,000


2019- 2021 62kWh battery with approximately 350 km range from $51,000


Nissan env200

2014-2017 24 kWh battery with 100km range from $25,000. Available as 2, 5 and 7 seaters.


Interested? To receive the Bulk-Buy program and updates, complete your details in the form below

We're excited to support you on your road to zero emissions!

Advantages of the Community Bulk Buy

High quality - Good Car Co offers quality late-model electric vehicles at a significantly lower cost than buying a new vehicle.
Expand your zero-emissions journey - take direct action on climate change & lower your carbon emissions by transitioning to an EV. For households with solar you'll be able to use up your excess by charging your vehicle!
Warranty & Support - All Good Car Co vehicles are under a six month or 7,000km warranty (whichever comes first) up to a three year / 24,000km battery warranty. They also provide new chargers and full English language conversion. Good Car Co will be with you every step of your transition to an EV. 
It's the easy way to buy an EV - You'll receive lots of information, have all your questions answered, deal with ethical people and feel equipped to make an informed decision. Once you've ordered a vehicle, Good Car Co does the rest.