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The Verdict on EVs: We all want one!

For two months Enova Team members have had the privilege and pleasure of week-long test drive experiences with two of the Good Car Company's Nissan Leaf 100% electric vehicles, kindly lent to us in advance of our Northern Rivers EV Bulk Buy launch on 22 February (Links to RSVP below!!).

We had the use of a 30kw AZEO with approx. 160km range and a 40kw ZE1 with approx. 220km range. The aim was for as many of our team members as possible to get a very real idea of what it's like to own an EV.

The verdict: We all want one! 

Felicity Stening, Enova Community Energy Managing Director test drove a 40 KW Nissan Leaf for a week. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Felicity-closer-Good Car Co EV

"What a great thrill to get behind the wheel of an EV for a week. I loved the car's responsiveness and especially enjoyed the e-pedal. It makes for a very easy driving experience. The car is also very comfortable and quiet to drive." 

"It really is such a fantastic experience to drive a 100% electric car! I would like to encourage my local Northern Rivers fellow drivers to come along to our online Launch event on 22 February to hear more and also register for one of our workshops. 

"The team at the Good Car Co. will be available to answer all your questions and talk all things EVs while our friends at Zero Emissions Byron will be helping to coordinate community test drives. You can get behind the wheel of an EV too and go for a test drive!" said Felicity.


Cass with Black Jack-smaller

I was also lucky enough to drive the 40KW Nissan Leaf for a week. It was so satisfying being able to charge the EV battery during the day from my small rooftop solar system while working from home. And the 260km range was plenty for a day's driving if I was heading out of town or two days if I was staying local. It was very much an upgraded driving experience... So smooth, very responsive and so zippy. I was sad to have to go back to my manual petrol car! 

                                           Cassandra Sheppard, Enova Team member, loved avoiding petrol stations for a week

During my test drive experience, I was able to use an extension cord running from my garage, plugged into the EV charging cable. As often as possible I'd charge the vehicle during the day, for example when I had a day working at home. If I was out and about I did need to charge it overnight. Charging this 40KW vehicle from an empty battery to a 100% charge took 6 - 8 hours at home. Fast charging stations can take about half an hour and cost about $1.50-$2.00 depending on the battery size of course. 


The 40KW ZE1 charging from my small rooftop solar system. Very satisfying!

Virpi Barrett, Enova Energy Trading Manager, had no trouble fitting the booster seats of her two young children into the back seat of the car during her week-long test drive; and was also able to fit their two small bikes into the boot!

"It was great to feel comfortable that the car was able to handle my needs as a busy working parent of two young children. It didn't hamper our active lifestyle at all."

Virpi in Black Jack

Enova Community Energy Chief Financial Officer Phil le Marinel also had a fantastic time driving the 40KW Nissan Leaf for a week. To sum up his feedback in a few words: He's converted and he wants one! And he really loved the e-pedal too.

Here's what he had to say:

HubSpot Video


How do the Nissan Leafs work / what's different on the inside? 

A charging port is situated at the front of the vehicle on the bonnet. It's securely opened from the car's key. Safety is built-in by requiring the charger to be turned off at the wall before you can remove the charger from the port.  


The inside of the car is great to learn about too! The e-pedal is used via the accelerator. When engaged, the e-pedal operates like a combined accelerator and brake. This means as you approach an intersection, roundabout or slowing traffic all you need to do is ease your foot off the accelerator and the vehicle will slow. If needed the e-pedal can be used to bring the vehicle to a complete stop. The traditional brake pedal can also be used of a more rapid stop is required. 


There's an "on button", a screen showing your battery use and level of charge remaining - so you can always feel confident about your planned drives and charging timeframes.

Enova Community's Energy Coach: Seb's verdict on video! 

We're sure it will be useful for you to hear from Enova Community's Head Energy Coach Seb Crangle about his take on his week-long test drive with a 30 KW Nissan Leaf AZEO. 

Seb charging Red Lizzie

Enova Community Energy Coach Seb Crangle charging Nissan Leaf AZEO 30KW Battery at home.

In this video Seb outlines the three key things he'd love you to know about having an EV:

✔️ He found that range anxiety was overcome by planning ahead slightly and plugging the vehicle in to charge when he got home,

✔️ Was immensely satisfied by being able to charge the vehicle from daytime rooftop solar, and;

✔️ He was impressed with the car's performance! 


HubSpot Video


Seb will be personally supporting many of the Byron Bay EV Workshops and he'd love to chat with you! 

Have you RSVP'd for the Enova EV Bulk Buy Launch yet? 

Important Dates 

  1. Bulk Buy Launch: Tuesday 22 February, 6.30 - 7.30pm.
  2. Series of EV Workshops with Good Car Co: 23 February to 16 March in Byron Bay and Mullumbimby.

Click here to RSVP and Register 

We're on a mission to help the Good Car Company get 50 more electric vehicles on our Northern Rivers roads through our Enova EV Community Bulk Buy.

More EVs means less emissions, less pollution caused by petrol and diesel engines and more local demand for that all important regional EV infrastructure like fast-changing stations powered by renewables. 

dan and red lizzie

With Good Car Co we will be launching our Northern Rivers Bulk Buy on 22 February! It's an online Zoom event, after many iterations that needed to be postponed due to prevailing circumstances. We're really proud and excited to finally be able to launch this fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to get hold of an EV more affordably. Now is the time!  

EV Expert Speakers for 22 February Launch

Key and nationally recognised EV experts will be a part of our one-hour launch event! We'd love for you to be there. The Byron Shire's very own ⭐ Mandy Nolan will MC.

Come along and hear from:

Anton Vikstrom, Co-founder of the Good Car Company and Nissan Leaf Driver.

Giles Parkinson, EV expert, editor and founder of The Driven and Renew Economy and Tesla Driver 

Christobel Munson, Chair of Zero Emissions Byron and 100% electric Hyundai Kona Driver 

Felicity Stening, Managing Director Enova Community Energy. 

EV Workshops: Register & test drive a Nissan Leaf

From 23 February to 19 March Good Car Company will host a series of EV Workshops - small events limited to 20 people to ensure they remain COVID-safe.

These workshops are specifically to give everyone keen on transitioning to an EV the chance to get behind the wheel and test drive one, learn how the EV Bulk Buy works, see the EV models on offer and ask all the questions you need to help in your EV transition journey. 

The EV Workshops are supported by Sasha Mainsbridge from Zero Emissions Byron and Seb Crangle, Enova Community Head Energy Coach. 

Make sure you book in for a session and meet the Good Car Co team - and the cars - in person! 

Ant Anton and Sam from GGC

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Need to know more about the Enova EV Bulk Buy with Good Car Co? Click here. 


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