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Power to the people: Act locally, impact globally

Renewable Energy Provider NSW

Enova is a local organisation, doing its best to solve a global problem. You might say that it’s our mantra to ‘act locally and impact globally’ and with this in mind, we’re building a business model that be emulated by other communities. That’s why we call it power to the people. It’s our vision that other regions will be able to do what we’re doing, and make renewable energy accessible for everyone.

Enova is based in the Northern Rivers, and this beautiful part of New South Wales will always be an important part of our heritage because around 800 other Northern River’s locals have a shareholding in Enova too, and it’s thanks to their financial commitment to the idea of a community-owned energy retailer, that we exist.

This community has long been passionate about renewable energy, careful stewardship of our natural resources, and ethical business practice that includes giving back to the community.

These are all things that Enova stands for.
We are also committed to providing local jobs, and contributing as much as possible to the local economy, by doing business with other locally-based companies.

As well as supplying electricity, we’re investing in, and enabling, solar power generation for the community.

We are keen to foster and develop local knowledge and skills, and we intend to create a Centre of Excellence through which we can facilitate knowledge sharing and research from around the world, to help us here. It’s about using global resources, and putting them into action locally.

The Enova business model

Our unique business structure enables us to do this. Enova Energy will contribute 50% of it’s profits to Enova Community, which is the not-for-profit arm of our business, involved in Renewable Development Initiatives.

As part of our community-minded vision, we’re developing this business model so that can be emulated all over the country, enabling small communities to create change, without waiting for political leaders to get on board, and without needing the financial backing of big business.

Our business model is a first for the energy industry, and it really does give power to the people, because it enables small committed local groups to make a real difference to a global problem.

As part of our long term vision, we’ll be supplying energy to the whole of New South Wales too and sharing what we’ve learned about building energy aware communities and a future that’s based on renewable energy sources.


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