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Enova Community Energy celebrates three years!

Enova Community Energy has just celebrated three years in operation as Australia’s first community-owned electricity company on Friday, 31 May and continues to make history with ground-breaking initiatives.

On Tuesday, NBN News visited the office to meet with CEO, Felicity Stening to see why householders and businesses across rural NSW are switching away from traditional electricity providers to this social enterprise.

Unlike many other energy retailers, Enova sources most of its power from renewable local sources such as rooftop solar. As well as championing renewables, Enova is inspiring and helping communities to become energy self-sufficient (through projects such as microgrids), which in turn helps keep millions of dollars in local economies.

Enova will also return 50% of its profits (after tax and reinvestment) to community projects that help all residents, regardless of income, to get affordable renewable energy, along with education on energy efficiency to save money. Some of the projects Enova have completed include facilitating solar panels for low income homes in conjunction with North Coast Community Housing, along with home energy audits to help people reduce their energy consumption.

If you're interested in switching to Enova, speak to one of our energy consultants on 02 5622 1700 or email Alternatively, you can use our new bill comparison tool to upload your recent bill and see how it compares with Enova's energy plans.



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