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Announcing Enova's EV Bulk-Buy with Good Car Co!

We've teamed up with Good Car Co. to offer the very first Enova Electric Vehicle Bulk-Buy and we're inviting you to register!

Northern Rivers locals locked out of buying an electric vehicle because of cost can now access more affordable EVs through Enova Community Energy’s bulk-buy in partnership with the Good Car Co.


good-car-company-electric-vehicles-AMaking EVs more affordable for more people 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

The Enova Bulk-Buy aims to make EVs more affordable for more people. Locals who register will be able to participate in a four-week EV educational program - that includes the opportunity for test drives - developed and delivered by Good Car Co, designed to enable participants to make an informed decision on purchasing.

The bulk-buy itself will open for the purchasing of quality-checked second-hand Nissan Leaf vehicles from 6 October 2021. Northern Rivers locals can join the no obligation bulk-buy program by registering here


🌳 We're helping decarbonise transport with Good Car Co.

“Transport is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and cars are responsible for roughly half of these emissions. Transitioning to EVs is a key piece of the climate action puzzle for Australian households however it’s been too expensive for most until now,” said Enova Community Energy CEO Felicity Stening.

“We’re excited to offer Enova’s community of customers, shareholders, and supporters the opportunity to expand their zero emissions journey through this bulk-buy which makes EVs more affordable.”

“With rooftop solar proliferating across Australian rooftops we also recognise it’s a great time for solar households to maximise the value of their solar and charging an EV during the day instead of going to the petrol station to fill up on fossil fuels is a really great way to do that,” said Felicity.



Good Car Co: The social enterprise helping communities achieve zero emissions with more affordable EVs 🚗🚗

Good Car Co. co-founders Anton Vikstrom, Anthony Broese van Groenou, and Sam Whitehead started running community bulk-buys of electric vehicles in 2019 to make EVs affordable for more people and have so far brought over 300 vehicles into the country for customers.  

“Electric cars reduce our emissions and they’re cheaper to run,” said Anthony

“We exclusively sell and support electric vehicles because we want to do whatever we can to decarbonise transport. That’s our motive.

"We only deal in 100 per cent electric cars and we’re proud to partner with communities, like the Northern Rivers, wanting to achieve zero emissions. Another benefit for EV owners is that they are far cheaper to run and service. Our prices remove the entry cost that has been a barrier until now.”

“On behalf of all our bulk-buy participants, we quality check and purchase low mileage Nissan Leafs from Japan and import them to Australia,” he said.


👉 How does it work? 

1. Register your interest in Enova's Bulk-Buy (there's no obligation to buy!). 

2. Participants will receive a four-week program of weekly emails containing videos, webinars, information, opportunities to ask questions, Nissan Leaf test drive opportunities, and EV event invitations. 

3. The Bulk-Buy itself opens on 6 October and runs until around mid-November. Participants can order an EV during the Bulk-Buy. 

4. Good Car Co will support you every step of the way! 

The EV program is designed to provide potential purchasers with the information and support they need to make an informed decision about buying an electric vehicle from Good Car co. There is no obligation to buy and participants who do wish to buy, can order their electric vehicle at any time during the Bulk-Buy, which runs from 6 October to 5 November.


What EVs will be available?

The Enova Bulk-Buy will offer:

  • the Nissan AZEO Leaf (24kWh, and 30kWh),
  • the Nissan Leaf ZE1 (40kWh and 62 kWh), and
  • the Nissan eNV200 electric van (24kWH) in 2, 5 and 7 seater models.

Prices range from $17,000 - $55,000.


😎 Good Car Co - with you every step of the way.   

All Good Car Co vehicles come with standard upgrades including Japanese to English head-unit (stereo and controls), dash instruments, and an Australian 10A portable charging cable, full support, and minimum six month or 7,000km warranty (whichever comes first) and a 30 day return policy.

Good Car Co is a social enterprise created to decarbonise transport. It provides quality affordable electric vehicles to assist in an equitable transition to low emissions transport. It sells electric vehicles to individuals and in community bulk-buys like this one.


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