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The Community-Owned Model

Providing access and benefits of solar to all

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Renting, living in an apartment, or can’t afford a whole system and still want solar?

Enova makes it possible!


Enova Community Energy is building a first-of-its kind Solar Garden in the Northern Rivers region so that renters and others who are locked out of rooftop solar, can still participate in the transition to renewables and receive the benefits of solar. 

Enova customers will be able invest in solar in increments of 1kW (known as a plot) and receive direct credits on their bill for the value of the generation (less the costs to manage it). 

Membership in the Solar Garden is portable – so renters can still get their rebate if they move home but stay with Enova as their electricity supplier*.

Solar Gardens are an example of a model that puts energy production into the hands of the community and decentralises the energy grid.

*currently within the NSW service area

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Enova customers buy solar panels in a community owned “Solar Garden” and receive the benefits for the energy generated and used on that site, as a credit on their own power bill at home. 

The solar garden is put on the roof of a business, club, or community organisation: one that can make good use of the solar generated in the daytime. In return for making the roof available they receive a discount on all the solar power they use. The panels and inverter are installed and maintained by Enova. 

The Enova customers who have bought a plot in the Solar Garden receive a credit on their bills for the solar electricity generated that is used at the Solar Garden Site, and in addition, any extra that is fed back into the grid via a standard Feed in Tariff (FiT) arrangement, just like having your own solar at your home.



This is known as a Behind the Meter Model and will see the solar garden owned by the local community through a not-for-profit special purpose company. 

Customers who have been subscribing to Enova’s Renewable Development Initiative (RDI) energy plans and options, have contributed to the development of the Solar Garden concept which supports Enova’s vision for resilient local communities to be powering themselves from community-owned renewable energy. 

Solar Gardens are an innovative solution for anyone renting or in a situation where they can’t put solar on at home. With Solar gardens, the funds and power are invested back into the community, creating resilience for all regions. 

And for those that want to be part of our first solar garden – welcome!


Help us power-up this groundbreaking project by purchasing your own solar panel(s) in the solar garden to obtain credits on your electricity account.

Be a part of the energy revolution to transition to 100% renewable power.

You can apply for one kW (or more) of the solar panels. So if you have ever wanted to have your own solar, but can’t due to renting, moving, shady sites or other reasons – then this is the solar solution for you.

Want to get started now? Register and we’ll be in touch. 

We’re now ready to begin installing our first Community Solar Garden.
If you are a business, a club, or a community organisation with energy bills you’d like to shrink and reasonable size rooftop, then please also register here.