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Repower Byron Shire

Working to achieve 100% renewable energy in the Byron Shire

Repower Byron is a community-led movement to support and inspire us all to transition to a renewable energy future.

Enova Community is partnering with, Zero Emissions Byron and COREM (Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby) , and supported by the Byron Shire Council. Repower is about switching on people power to decrease the cost of electricity and increase local generation, while reducing carbon emissions.

Each street in the Shire is progressively being encouraged to make the transition to renewables. With a team of trained volunteers, Repower Byron works street-by-street to engage with local householders to:


to ethical retailers who are local, renewable and transparent!


consumption, carbon emissions & save money. Free energy coaches that come to you.


install solar panels or access the community solar garden.

Choose to support local

When people pay their electricity bill, that money usually leaves our region and often goes on to support coal and gas mining. The alternative is to choose an ethical electricity retailer, so that when people pay their electricity bill, they know that they are investing in renewables to create a clean energy future.

Repowering Northern Rivers

Repower Byron Shire is a community led movement to support and inspire rapid action on climate change we can all take today in our own homes.

2017 Living for the Future Home Expo workshops - Repowering the Northern Rivers

COREM Byron Bay

COREM- Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby

COREM’S goal is to transition the greater Mullumbimby area to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible. In addition to Repower, COREM also manages a revolving fund for community roof top solar, and has undertaken a pre-feasibility study into the viability of re-commissioning the Mullumbimby Mini Hydro. For more about COREM go to:

ZERO Emmissions Byron Bay

Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB)

Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) aims to transition the Byron Shire region to zero net emissions by 2025. Founded in 2015 with connections to Beyond Zero Emissions, ZEB aims to reduce the impacts of climate change and develop new economic opportunities by inspiring and working with Council and the community in the five sectors of carbon emissions:

· Energy
· Buildings
· Transport
· Agriculture & Land Use
· Waste

ZEB acts as an umbrella group managing the carbon budget for the region, with three main roles:

1. Calculate and monitor emissions and their abatement
2. Develop an emissions mitigation strategy and plans
3. Facilitate emissions abatement in the Byron Shire.

You can find out more about Zero Emissions Byron here: