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About Triple Switch for Earth

We are partnering with Bank Australia and Australian Ethical Super in the fight against fossil fuels.

We are proudly joined forces to urge Australians to take one simple action during September and dramatically reduce their carbon emissions.


Divesting away from fossil fuels is the biggest impact you can have on the planet. And it’s an easy action everyone can take.

In just fifteen minutes, you can switch to providers that don’t invest in fossil fuels.


Switch away from energy, bank and superannuation companies that invest in fossil fuels. Choose companies that respect our planet instead.


Switch your energy to Enova to get started!

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30m2 of the Daintree


Taking action for a more sustainable future

As well as the impact of fossil fuels on climate change, we lose a football field of rainforest worldwide every second. With more than 50% of forests around the world already destroyed, it’s never been more important to act. Triple Switch for Earth invests in renewables, communities, reforestation, rainforest buyback and many more positive outcomes for all species on Earth. 


That’s why we’re donating $75 to HalfCut for each customer that switches to Enova during the month of September, as part of the Triple Switch for Earth campaign. Together we can protect more of the Daintree Rainforest for life!


Quote the promocode TRIPLESWITCH75 when you switch.

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  • Switch to Enova, it takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Join our waitlist. If you're not in NSW we will let you know as soon as we come to your region.
  • Share this great cause. Spread the word to encourage others to switch away from fossil fuels.
  • Make the pledge!* Head over to the Triple Switch page to pledge your support and share the love.


* Please be aware this information does not consider individual investment objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not be taken as financial advice or as a recommendation to switch. Participants should take the time to read the provider’s financial services guide and relevant product disclosure statements before deciding to switch. Participants may also wish to speak with a licensed financial adviser to make sure this decision is right for them.

Join us in

Returning the land to

the traditional owners 


How it works

Not-for-profit HalfCut, which raises awareness and funds for rainforest conservation has launched Triple Switch for Earth to boost climate action amongst Australians.


The campaign urges Australians to fast track their climate action by switching their energy, bank and super providers away from providers that support fossil fuel companies.

"When people move their money away from super funds, banks and energy providers that are polluting our environment, it sends a strong message and makes a huge difference."


- Jimmy HalfCut

Why Enova?

You can make a difference

Every customer who switches from fossil fuels to Enova Energy prevents 1.99 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year.

Enova will donate $75 to HalfCut during September for the Triple Switch for Earth campaign.


Find out more about Enova here.

Started by a NSW community for the benefit of all communities across Australia.

We are Australia’s first Community-Owned Electricity Company.

We keep money circulating locally to grow our local economies, businesses, and jobs.

Enova will enable local areas to generate, store, and share their own energy.

We’ll do this by innovating with partners in projects like microgrids, shared batteries, virtual power plants, solar gardens and peer-to-peer energy trading.

We’re more than your average energy company. We are a profit-for-purpose organisation.

We partner and invest with organisations that help those in need.

Australia’s first energy focused social enterprise that will reinvest half its profits for positive impact across local communities.

We are highly experienced team committed to a 100% renewable energy future.

Creating innovative local renewable energy solutions for a cleaner and more resilient future.

Making clean and affordable energy accessible to everyone in the community.

Whether you have solar or not, we provide simple and competitive offers for all customers.

Available to all households and business across NSW and launching in QLD soon.

We’re creating new localised renewable energy systems of the future that will lower costs for everyone


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Emma Fenton

Lian - Lismore

recommends Enova Energy

"The best energy company in the country... local, renewable energy friendly, a very friendly voice at the other end of the phone, and recycling the profits locally."


Deb - Grafton

recommends Enova Energy

"We just 'switched on' to Enova!!! No more paying for electricity to companies whose heads are so far down the coal mine that they can’t see what they’re actually doing to the planet. A brilliant concept."


Helena - Brunswick recommends Enova Energy

"Great customer service... but to be honest the best part is, we have saved so much $$$. We do have solar but had it with another provider for 4 years before switching and since then our energy bills have almost halved. Thanks Enova!"

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Only takes 5 mins & we handle the whole switch process for you!

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Terms and conditions:


- Triple Switch offer only available to new Enova customers signing up to an Enova Energy energy plan under the TripleSwitch75 promo code. Available across NSW.
- Only available for new customer sign-ups from 1st September 2020 to 11.59pm 30th September 2020.
- Not available to existing Enova customers.
- Not available with other promotional discounts


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