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Purchase Enova Shares

This noticeboard and information is for those interested in purchasing or selling Enova Community Energy Ltd shares. Potential buyers can send their information to Enova for listing here so current shareholders can make contact with you directly should they intend to sell their shares.

If you are interested in buying shares and wish to post a notice, please email us at with your preferred contact information. Please send us the name, email or/ and phone number you wish to us to publish.

Process for selling/ purchasing shares


If you wish to sell any shares, make contact with one or more of those listed as interested in purchasing a share.


If you agree to make the exchange you will both need to download the attached form and read both sides carefully. Please note that if you are buying in the name of a company, or superannuation fund that is the name that must be written as the Buyer (Transferee).


You both need to complete the same form, and both need to obtain an originally certified copy of one of the identification documents listed on the back. (i.e. a copy of one of the documents listed signed by someone who has the power to witness a statutory declaration).


You can then arrange payment, and one of you must post the Transfer Form, together with the documentation to the registry: Automic, Level 3 50 Holt St Surry Hills NSW 2010


The registry contacts the Chair to confirm that the transaction is acceptable to the Board (in terms of constitutional requirements) before sending out the new shareholding certificate and altering the record in the Registry. This step also enables the purchaser to inform the Chair if the funds have not been received.


Standard Transfer Form Automic 2018
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