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Enova Community Energy Shareholders

Enova Community Energy (Enova) is a social enterprise in the form of a limited liability public company. Although Enova is a public company, it is not listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

In 2015, Enova raised $4 million in equity from 1,090 investors. Approximately seventy-five per cent of Enova's voting shares are held by shareholders living on the New South Wales north coast, principally in and around the Northern Rivers region, but Enova has attracted shareholders from every state and territory in Australia.

Again in 2018, Enova raised a further $1 million in equity to fund its ongoing growth and market expansion and in doing so increased the total number of Shareholders to 1,600.

Now more than ever is an exciting time for Enova as our profile continues to rise, customer numbers continue to grow, and we work towards creating greater positive impact in building stronger and resilient communities. 

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Interested in becoming a Shareholder?

Enova Community Energy has 1,600 passionate and loyal shareholders in the community.  Occasionally, our existing shareholders have a reason or need to sell their shares in Enova and these shares then become available for interested investors and supporters to purchase.

If you have an interest in purchasing shares in Enova we can assist in connecting you with someone that may want to sell some or all of their shares.


General Information on Enova Shares

Enova Community Energy is a public company limited by shares.

Enova is not listed on any stock exchange such as the Australian Stock Exchange or other smaller exchanges. This means there is no official public marketplace for the buying and selling of shares or quoted price for Enova shares.

Shares may be traded between parties that wish to sell and purchase shares to each other in an ‘off-market’ transaction. In this transaction, the seller and purchaser agree on the number and price of the shares between themselves, manage the payments to each other, and advise Enova’s share registry of the change of ownership.

Existing shareholders may choose to sell their shares at any time. If you are interested in purchasing shares in Enova, we can assist in connecting you as a potential buyer with someone that may want to sell some or all of their shares.

If you are interested in buying shares and becoming a shareholder in Australia’s first community-owned social enterprise energy retailer complete the form below and someone will be in touch as soon as possible with further information.

Enova is not currently offering the issue of new Shares. We do have some shareholders that have expressed a need or desire to sell their existing Enova shares, and therefore shares are currently available from those shareholders for investors looking to purchase Enova Shares.

If you are interested in buying shares and becoming a shareholder in Australia’s first community-owned social enterprise energy retailer complete the form above and someone will be in touch as soon as possible with further information.

As purchase and selling arrangements are made between the two interested parties, there is no minimum number of shares that can be purchased. We would recommend a minimum shareholding of 1,000 shares however as this is the threshold for voting at Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

Enova is an organisation founded in 2016 and has been growing steadily each year. The company is now seeing month to month profitability and is tracking towards a full financial year profit in the 2022 financial year. Enova has not issued any shareholder dividends so far, but a decision on dividends is made by the board of Enova each year and reported at the company’s Annual General Meeting.

Information For Existing Shareholders

If you are an Enova general shareholder queries should be directed to our share registry, Automic.  

Whether you need to  

  • update your details  
  • get a copy of your shareholding certificate  
  • or for any reason, you need to contact Enova’s share registry company, Automic. 

You can go to their website or  

email at or 

Call on 1300 288 664 or 

Post to PO Box 2226, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012. 

Our share registry, Automic has all your current contact and shareholding information.

You can update information anytime at the Investor Login section of their website here.

If you are a registered user, simply enter your username and password.

Otherwise, you can register by clicking the “register” button and following the prompts.

Once registered click on “Profile” (this will be to the right of your holding balance).

You will then be able to edit your information.

If you are interested in selling your Enova shares, please contact us and we will add you to the waitlist. We will put you in touch with prospective purchasers in order of listing.

Important: as the number of buyers and sellers varies, it may take some time to match a buyer and seller.

If you would like more information on this process, please contact us at  

Annual General Meetings & Special General Meetings

Enova Energy runs a July 01 – June 30 Financial Year. Shareholders are notified of AGM details by email. Please ensure we have your most up to date contact information if you are a shareholder. Email us at if you would like to update your details.

Continuous Disclosure

Enova Energy is committed to openness, transparency and ongoing communication with investors. Enova adheres to the continuous disclosure recommendations set out by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for unlisted public companies, which ensures we file prescribed information with ASIC, but that we use our website as our primary means of ensuring investors are kept informed.

These guidelines also set out our obligations with regard to ensuring investors each receive a copy of our annual financial report as well as notice of any significant changes within our organisation, or matters affecting our organisation, as soon as practicable after becoming aware of it.

We regularly communicate with investors via this dedicated page on our website as well as through periodic newsletters and other communication, including email alerts if material information is changed or updated.