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Shared Community Battery

The Shared Community Battery is a way to bring efficient control of energy generation, storage, and supply right back to where they belong: in the hands of people in their own communities.

Enova Community Energy, in partnership with Enosi Australia and the University of Newcastle, and with the support of Ausgrid, are jointly working together in a shared community battery project to be deployed in regional NSW.

The project will involve a shared 2MWh battery for solar storage and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading.

The project aims to test whether small and mid-size electricity retailers, like Enova, can reduce their risk in the electricity market and deliver further benefits to the community via strategic use of the battery.

Where is the battery located?
The battery will be located in regional NSW. We are in the process of the determining the optimum location with the network currently. 

When will the project be operational?
We’re aiming for the battery and the peer-to-peer trading platform to be live by the end of the year.

How big is the battery?
The battery will be about as big as a shipping container, and it will look a bit like a shipping container too. 

How is the project funded?
Funding is provided by the NSW Government As a social enterprise Enova invests half its profits in community projects through our non-profit arm. Enova relies on this funding for the battery project and does not pay indirect costs for partners on any Enova project.

How can I participate?
We’ll be inviting 500 people to participate in this project, while we trial peer to peer trading, with a mix of current and new customers. The chance to participate is open to anyone, not just existing Enova customers. 
Anyone interested in joining the project can register here.

What does this mean for Enova customers?
For our customers it will ultimately mean:
- more value from their rooftop solar investment.
- they can be even more active in reducing environmental impact by maximising the utilisation of energy generated by a renewable source.
- they’ll be supporting community by sharing energy within the community, in particular, with those who do not have solar.
- keeping financial gains within the community through energy sharing.

Media release: NSW Government Regional Community Energy Fund – Community Battery Funding Announcement.