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Our Energy Sources | Enova Community Energy

No Solar Panels? No problem! You can still join the transition to a renewable energy future!

Whether you have solar panels or not, you can switch to Enova and support our mission to transform Australia’s renewable energy market. In fact, if you don’t have solar panels, you have a key role to play!

When you join Enova and you do not have solar panels on your rooftop, you provide a way for Enova to ensure that the renewable energy it is purchasing from local rooftops and large scale projects, can be recirculated back to power local homes and businesses.

And you ensure that Enova can continue to achieve its objectives: to do energy differently. Enova’s core mission? To enable towns, cities, suburbs and regions to power themselves using renewable energy.

By the community for the community

Enova CEO Felicity Stening said the push of the Northern Rivers community was central to the formation of Enova Community Energy three years ago.
“People who live in the Northern Rivers region care about rising carbon emissions; they’re worried about the climate crisis and they want to do something about it.”

“Enova was borne from that demand for a new kind of energy enterprise. Because we were formed by the community for the community, we really do need households and businesses to come on board to ensure we can make our vision come to life. We can’t do this without you!

“Solar and non-solar customers both play an integral part of an effective localised energy market. Whilst we love our solar customers who generate clean renewable energy, we love our non-solar customers wishing to purchase surplus generation just as much,” said Felicity.

Enova now retails electricity throughout regional New South Wales, with the intention of expanding to Sydney, Newcastle and interstate. Whether you have solar panels or not Enova is your opportunity to support new local renewable energy generation.

Help Enova achieve its goals – disruption of the energy market!

When you join Enova as a non-solar customer, your energy money is going to an electricity company that is committed to the renewable energy transition and to ensuring energy money circulates in local communities.

Our non-solar customers ensure there’s ongoing demand for clean energy. A healthy mix of solar and non-solar customers will help Enova achieve its vision of disrupting the energy market, empowering local communities, and reducing our reliance on centrally-generated and fossil fuel sourced power.

“We are here unapologetically to disrupt the energy market – the first energy retailer of its type in Australia. And it’s working,” said Ms Stening.

Need more incentive to join Enova? Under its unique model, Enova Community Energy will return 50 per cent of profits (after tax and reinvestment) back to the community.

Keeping money circulating in local towns, making them more resilient and sustainable, is all part of Enova’s ‘localisation’ strategy along with the local generation, storage and distribution of renewable energy.

Enova’s vision is for everyone to be able to access renewable energy, regardless of income or housing status, by advocating for energy efficiency, energy audits and engaging in partnerships and projects.

If you don’t have solar panels and but you want to use renewable energy to power your home, Enova also offers options for 100% renewable GreenPower as a voluntary add-on on to all our offers.

Want to know more?

To find out what difference Enova can make for you, upload your bill for a comparison or make the switch online in just 5 minutes. You're also welcome to discuss your options with our friendly, Australian-based customer service team on (02) 5622 1700. We would love to have you on board!


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