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Generous Enova customers donate $5,000 in solar credits to community members in need 

In response to rising financial hardship during the COVID-19 restrictions, Enova was recently able to recirculate $5,000 worth of solar credits to households in need, when 39 customers offered to donate their excess solar credit.

Financial hardship is affecting more people than usual during this time and unfortunately, in many cases, household incomes have been hit hard.


Innovation in tough times helps to pay it forward

In response, we invited our solar customers to donate their excess solar, which appears as credits on their electricity bill, to Enova customers experiencing financial hardship.

We put the call out and received a wonderful response. We were able to generate a significant community impact, by recirculating $5,000 in solar credits to people in need. 34 solar credit donations came to fruition!

Not only that, but some of the donating solar customers indicated they also wanted their solar donations to be ongoing for the duration of the COVID-19 restrictions.

A crucial member of Enova’s team is our Hardship Support Officer, who supports our customers experiencing financial hardship, and has a strong insight into its impacts and the circumstances that can negatively affect household budgets. Enova is committed to keeping our customers connected, we stay in contact with these people and we help where we can.

“At Enova we’re so proud of our customers’ ethos that enabled this to happen. We put the call out and some incredibly kind, generous people - our customers - came forward. We just want to extend our sincere thanks and acknowledge that it takes a special kind of person to give to others what could easily be kept,” said Felicity Stening, Enova Energy CEO.


Sharing the love!

We have spoken to some of the recipients of donated solar credit and here’s what they had to say:

Marc received a donated solar credit on his Enova energy bill. “This has come at a critical time for me. It’s been a huge help. Enova is unlike any other energy company in the way that they deal with things like this. I’m very grateful.”

Lydia is a volunteer at Lismore’s Community Art Hub Space. “We are very grateful to Enova and the people who contributed. This donation will help to keep our volunteer-run, not-for-profit community gallery, healing and meeting place going. We’re always scraping to hang in there, and it was a lovely surprise when I got the call about the donation,” she said.

Another recipient said, “This is really incredible. It has come at a really good time in terms of where we are and everything that’s going on. It shows that Enova has a care factor. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that in energy retailers before. This is absolutely appreciated.”

Brett and Philip from Modanville who donated some of their solar credit, said,

“With everything that’s going on now, a lot of small businesses and households have been in hard circumstances. Households are suffering. We respect the community care that Enova is showing, so we were happy to help when the call-out came. The solar is generated and there to be used. It comes from the sun and isn’t dug up from out of the ground, so sharing it around is a good way of caring for the community.”


Our customers are helping to redefine the benefits of solar

This initiative has made a real difference where it’s needed.

It’s a reshaping of how people can think about their solar – it can be more than just panels on a roof with a feed-in tariff. The benefits can be shared with the community.

We’re a social enterprise so we’re able to put our care into action and generate good outcomes in communities,”   said Felicity, “It’s been amazing to provide a means for our customers to support other customers experiencing hardship. It has been incredibly satisfyingThis has helped a lot of people and shows how business, renewable energy, and people can work together to support each other and do good.


How you can get involved

If you are an Enova customer and interested in donating your excess solar credit to someone in need please register your interest on our Solar Donations page and Susie, our Hardship Support Officer, will help to match your credit with a customer who could benefit.


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