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Enova is now taking its community powered model to Sydney, Newcastle & Wollongong!

We are excited to announce that Enova is about to take its community powered energy model to Sydney, Newcastle & Wollongong.

This means in October, we’ll be servicing the whole of NSW.

This is a huge milestone for us and now represents a great opportunity for all NSW communities!

"We're proving that by using renewables and working together we can build a better energy system - one that everyone can share in. One that benefits our communities and the earth. Join us." Alison Crook AO, Chair.


A huge milestone!

We couldn’t have done it without two very special groups of people. Firstly, our wonderful group of shareholders and supports who have backed our vision, many of whom have been with us from day one. Secondly, all our loyal and engaged customers who have joined us on this journey so far, committing to reducing their impact on the environment and contributing back to their local communities by joining the movement to a better energy model for the future.

“Enova was founded by a group of very dedicated and passionate people who really saw the chance to look at building a cleaner renewable energy future for the next generation” Felicity Stening, CEO.


Join the waitlist

For those based in Sydney, Newcastle & Wollongong, our waitlist is now open. When you sign up to our waitlist, you’ll be in the running to win some incredibly exciting prizes and be eligible for an exciting early bird offer soon to be announced for the month of October!


Join the waitlist and win $1,500 worth of electricity!

Prizes to be won

Blog prizes

Know people based in Sydney, Newcastle or Wollongong?

If you're an Enova customer, share the good news and if your friends or family signs up, get them to quote your full name or Enova account number and you'll receive $25 for each sign up off your next bill!

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