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Beyond Gas News – Terania Times article

Affordable, ethical electricity that supports our local economy? … Enova Energy!

Terania Times : Annie Kia | 14 Feb 2018
Our effort to get rid of the 14 gas licences that covered our region is one of the great stories of community power. Now another exciting type of community power is within our grasp… affordable, ethical electricity. To achieve this, all we need is for more people to switch to our very own local retailer… Enova Energy. Enova is Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer, based in the Northern Rivers. Its groundbreaking model is designed to meet our needs, rather than the needs of the huge profit-hungry companies that have driven up costs via their stranglehold. Enova has gained attention round the country, and won the NSW Green Globe Award.

What makes it different?

Enova Energy is a community-owned electricity provider. It’s a social enterprise that keeps your money circulating in our local economy (currently $300m from domestic power bills gets siphoned off outside our region).

Enova has two arms: the retail arm, and the non profit community arm.

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Annie Kia is Community Empowerment Coordinator for Lock the Gate Alliance. She developed the Gasfield Free Community Strategy that went viral in the Northern Rivers. This grass-roots democracy process is now empowering communities in other regions to resist invasive gasfields and coal. Across Australia, more than 450 communities have declared themselves Gasfield Free or Coal Free.

“When people realise their collective intelligence and power, it’s exhilarating.” – Annie Kia

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