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Your Enova Team

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Located at our locally based office in Byron Bay, Enova Energy is led by CEO Felicity Stening. Felicity is supported by a team of people with diverse energy experience, each of whom share a passion for rapid transition to a renewable energy future.

When you call us, you’ll speak to one of our highly trained Energy Consultants. Energy can be a complex area, but our team can help guide you to find the most suitable energy plan for your circumstances. 

Everybody’s different, and we know there’s no ‘one-size fits all solution,’ so we have developed a range of energy plan options for residential premises and small business.

Enova Community is the not-for-profit arm of Enova Community Energy, also located at the Byron Bay headquarters. Enova Community runs energy efficiency, community and social benefit projects and programs.

felicity stening enova ceo

Felicity Stening


We are dedicated to the evolution of the energy industry: to unearthing good ideas, encouraging ingenuity, harnessing appropriate technologies, providing avenues for local employment, and to increasing our knowledge about renewable energies, for the benefit of the whole community.

Felicity has over 25 years’ experience in the energy and environment fields, with a track record delivering innovation and high-performing projects to Australian businesses, energy utilities and government agencies.

Her expertise is in electricity markets, emerging energy technology, innovation, energy efficiency, renewables and carbon markets in Australia.

Former roles have included Operations Manager for Enova Energy, Commercial Manager at Jemena Gas Networks, Head of Retail Markets at Pooled Energy, Senior Product Manager at Australian Power & Gas, National Business Development Manager at Low Energy Supplies & Services (LESS) and Program Manager with the NSW Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA).

Felicity is a current Associate Director on the Northern Rivers Community Foundation and has held Board positions at the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors and LESS.
Phill Le Marinel

Phill Le Marinel

Chief Financial Officer

Phill is a CPA qualified accountant with 20 years’ experience in senior accounting roles. Phill ran a local business consulting practice working with start-ups & small-medium businesses before moving to Sydney in 2008 to work as a CFO in the hospitality sector.

Returning to Byron Shire in 2018 with his family, Phill has joined the Enova team with a passion for community and the environment.
A volunteer with the Mullumbimby Rural Fire Brigade, Phill is also a qualified scuba diving instructor, and can often be seen flying hang gliders over the Cape Byron lighthouse.was to lead the Ergon Energy retail business function through the merger of Energex and Ergon Energy and prepare the retail business to become an integral part of the merged Energy Queensland.

In South Australia he project managed the development of ETSA’s Power’s NEMMCO (market operator) interfaces and led ETSA’s readiness for the commencement of the National Electricity Market. Tony served as Managing Director of Enova from July 2017 to January 2018 and so brings a wealth of hands-on experience to his position on the Board.
virpi barrett

Virpi Barrett

Trading Manager

Virpi is an experienced manager with more than 10 years’ experience working in management and coordination roles with energy consultancy and trading companies in Finland, Germany and Australia. 

Virpi’s role with Enova is to manage the retailing interface with the wholesale market, and ensure that Enova meets the compliance requirements in this industry.
Murray eivers enova community energy

Murray Eivers

Head of Retail Sales & Marketing

Murray has recently joined Enova Energy and brings more than 20 years of consumer sales and marketing leadership experience (primarily senior roles in the energy industry, including with some of the country’s largest energy retailers – Energy Australia and Country Energy).

Murray brings experience in strategic planning, people management and commercial experience, having managed large-scale teams and sales revenues across a number of markets and segments.

Thom Evans

Engine Room Manager

Originally from London, Thom has happily resided in Goonengerry for the past 15 years with his wife and two children. Thom has been running his own business as a freelance bookkeeper and admin guru.

He, and his wife and children are very committed to protecting the environment and encouraging the uptake of renewable energy sources so Thom is excited to be making a difference as part of the Enova team.
Scott Barrett

Scott Barrett

Technical Manager

Scott has experience working as an engineer in energy technologies such as; sun farm design, concentrated solar thermal energy, oil and gas and high efficiency fuel cells.

Scott is very passionate about getting more renewable energy generation onto our grid and helping people take control of their power through the smart use of energy.

Scott is the man we call upon to answer unusual and complex questions because if he doesn’t know the answer, he is always happy to research until he finds one.

When Scott is not working he likes keeping fit and has an interest in sports psychology.
ian smith g

Ian Smith

IT Consultant

We coaxed Ian Smith from retirement (aka golfing), to lead the implementation of our IT and Telecommunications systems and infrastructure. Ian has had more than 40 years extensive IT and Telecommunications experience working with numerous companies including well-known brands NRMA and American Express.

Ian was also a Director of the Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) during the deregulation phase of the Telecommunications Industry in Australia and remained in this position for many years, until his retirement.

Nigel Dorman

Energy Consultant

Originally from Sydney via Belfast, Nigel lives in Mullumbimby with his family and friends. Nigel has worked as a professional photographer, wilderness guide, advertising sales person and researcher.

He has a Masters in Environmental Management and a penchant for white slacks and red cricket balls. But when he’s not on the cricket pitch, Nigel is working on the Enova team, guiding shareholders and supporters with their energy choices.
Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson

Operations Support Officer

Hailing from High Wycombe in England and previously in the employ of financial institutions in Sydney, Singapore and London, Ian moved up to Northern NSW 2 years ago and has been a happy resident since. 

Ian enjoys the sense of community and togetherness of Enova and what Enova is achieving.

He loves sports, mostly football (the round ball version) and darts.
jamie lee

Jamie-Lee Johnson

Senior Accountant

Jamie is a CA qualified accountant with more than 5 years experience in finance and accounting roles. Bringing a breadth of technical knowledge, Jamie has previously worked in mid and top-tier accounting firms providing tax and accounting services to a wide array of businesses and industries.

Jamie is passionate about the environment and sustainability, and is excited to be able to combine this with her technical skills here at Enova.
Andy Debenham

Andy Debenham

Smart Meter Manager

Andy manages smart meter installations. Opportunity to participate in new projects and learn new skills.

Andy is into living a minimal lifestyle, from only buying things that he absolutely needs and buying things second-hand when possible, to selling things so it doesn't go to waste.
Michael Hidden

Michael Hidden

Energy Consultant and Operations Support Officer

Michael does most of the things at Enova (customer service, sales, billing, metering, transfers, harassing the English born staff members about cricket and overly enthusiastic singing).

Michael came to Enova as he wanted a local job with a company that had an ethical outlook he supported. What he enjoys is the great stuff Enova is doing and planning to do, and the sensational people he works with.
Va Barber Hua

Va Barber Hua

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Va leads the digital marketing strategy in the Sales and Marketing team to drive scale and reach new customers. With several years experience growing companies in the education and health industry, Va has also successfully launched and sold his own electric vehicle company in the UK before moving to Australia, which he now calls home.

As a hobbyist beekeeper, Va understands the importance of maintaining the balance of our environment and is proud to part of Enova’s mission, helping others be conscious of their choice in energy providers.
Katherine Bugden

Katherine Bugden

Digital & Marketing Communications Manager

Katherine works across strategy development and execution to ultimately support and increase brand awareness, generate engagement and drive acquisition for the retail side of the business.

Katherine loves what Enova represents and stands for and getting to work with passionate, smart, inspiring people daily which brings her so much joy and job satisfaction.

Katherine tries to walk a little lighter whenever she can. Since moving from Sydney to Byron, she has cultivated a veggie patch and is more conscious to compost at home too. She also believes every little action helps - be it having a re-useable cup, straw, utensils and bags on hand when you're out and about, to switching to more sustainable options at home for things like your razors, toothbrushes, clingfilm etc.
Cassandra Shepperd

Cassandra Shepperd

Marketing Assistant

Cassandra supports Enova’s marketing and communication programs through social media content, events, partnerships and community engagement.

I love being part of a truly innovative and ethical organisation that is owned by the community and is creating positive change to respond to the climate crisis. I also really enjoy the fantastic people who work here! What a great team.

In my daily life I love to support local food producers. We are so lucky to live in an area that has such a rich diversity of local food growers and producers – not to mention the amazing farmers markets!
Nikki Kemp

Nikki Kemp

Executive Assistant

Nikki is an accomplished administration professional with more than a decade of experience in supporting management from various not-for-profit organisations.

A true team player, Nikki will champion any task large or small with a friendly face and demonstrate passion to help create a happy and satisfying work environment.

Deciding to make her home in glorious Byron Bay since February 2019, after working overseas in South-East Asia for a number of years, her job offers a wide variety of opportunities that she enjoys along with the positive organisational culture within Enova to enable her to continue to feel motivated and inspired to do the best job possible.
Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter

Sales and Service Manager

Matthew brings to Enova a broad background through experience in customer-focused roles across multinationals and startup companies in Australia and Latin America, in various industries including finance, tourism, and health economics.

Recently Matthew has made the switch to the energy industry, driven by his passion for renewable energy.

Matthew loves giving Enova customers a great customer experience. Just don’t get him started on electric vehicles unless you’ve got a few hours to spare.
Kim Donnelly

Kim Donnelly

Energy Consultant

You might get the chance to speak to Kim on the phone. Kim’s a Mullumbimby local. She and her family moved from Sydney 14 years ago.

Kim worked as a training officer for NIB Health Funds at its Sydney Training Facility for 10 years before becoming a Finance Advisor with Summerland Credit Union, where she worked in the Ocean Shores branch for more than 13 years.

Kim is excited to be sharing Enova’s vision about a sustainable future.
Megan Young

Megan Young

Energy Consultant

You might get the chance to talk to Megan on the phone. Megan moved to the Byron Shire from Sydney 24 years ago whilst undertaking a Masters degree in Social Ecology and she has been passionate about how we can create a sustainable future ever since.

This combined with over 35 years business experience in a variety of roles and 14 years honing her communication skills in her local Toastmasters club enables Megan to engage in informative and helpful conversations with those who want to know more about Enova.
Jodie Wolfgang

Jodie Wolfgang

Energy Consultant

Jodie wanted to work for an ethical company surrounded by like-minded people.

Jodie is passionate about minimising her carbon footprint through diet and lifestyle choices. For example; conscious consumerism, minimising waste and packaging and overall living a more natural and simple existence.

Jodie enjoys education through connecting with others and finding out what their environmental passions are.n footprint through diet and lifestyle choices, for example; conscious consumerism, minimizing waste and packaging and overall living a more natural and simple existence. Education through connecting with others and finding out what their environmental passions are.

Nathan brown enova community energy consultant

Nathan Brown

Energy Consultant

Nathan assist prospective customers make the decision to join Enova Energy.

What brought him to Enova was the idea of waking up in the morning and working for a company that was honest in what they are trying to achieve, having a strong relationship with the community and actively working to make it a better place for the people who live there.



Seb lives in the Byron Shire and has been volunteering for Enova since 2017: conducting and coordinating home energy assessments and developing useful energy efficiency tools and guides. 

He loves helping people to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, and as such finds the work of Enova Community very satisfying. 

He was drawn to Enova’s vision of a world powered by sustainable, renewable energy, and guided by close community consultation & ownership. 

Seb’s work background was initially as an archaeologist, highlighted by Mayan digs in Central America, and more recently as a Quality Assurance Manager (10+ years) for a local non-profit disability service.

Anne Caruana


I’m from Ocean Shores and have been retired and living in the far north coast for almost 4 years. I have solar PV and am an Enova customer, volunteer and minor shareholder.

I worked all my life as an electrical engineer designing, testing and reporting on electrical services in buildings.

That included designing in accord with requirements to meet Green Star Accreditation for buildings & fitouts. That doesn’t fully equip one to be an energy coach and much was learned during our Enova coach training, and there’s always more still to learn too.

I care about the future of the planet and all species including us. In my ideal world energy would 100% renewable, all transport electric or hydrogen powered, agriculture would be transformed, cows wouldn’t fart and we could direct some of our superannuation to provide funds to projects bringing this about.

Meanwhile back on earth, I am helping Enova Community to do its bit. I volunteer as an energy coach and conduct energy saving assessments, provide solar advice and attend events where the coaches provide face-to-face energy advice to attendees.



I live in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. I have lived there since early 2016. Before that I lived in Victoria.

I had a long career at Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, which became "CSL Limited", a large and very successful global business, during the time of my employment. Initially employed as a "biotech" scientist, I later became involved in systems and business development in the build-up to privatisation.

I support Enova because of the company's visionary approach to implementation of "green" energy and retention of profits in the local economy. I was an investor before I became a volunteer energy coach.

As an energy coach, I feel that I have a unique opportunity to make people aware of what they can do in their daily lives, to make our use of energy more economical, to access renewable energy directly, and to take advantage of pricing concessions and benefits wherever they can be found.




I’ve been a sailor, an IT worker, a psychologist and now I’m retired. Now what concerns me is ‘what sort of world’ are we leaving my grand-children.

Our leaders are useless, so it’s up to us, working locally and individually; reducing our own GHG emissions (and saving on our energy bills), spreading the word to friends and neighbours, and telling our politicians what we need them to do.

It doesn’t have to be a chore; we don’t have to live like monks, just get off fossil fuels.

We’ve used solar energy since arriving in Australia long ago. Now with solar panels on the roof I get a good feel every time the sun shines, and with an added battery the good feeling lasts longer!

Board of Directors

Enova is proud to have attracted such an accomplished team of directors who bring to Enova a wide range and depth of expertise across a number of areas including the energy industry, social enterprise, finance, marketing, law, governance and strategy.

This Board is charged with the responsibility of setting the strategy and ensuring compliance with corporate governance so that Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer successfully delivers on its promise to shareholders.




Alison is an experienced company director (17 boards including IBM Aust, LendLease Corp Financial Services, St James Ethics Centre). Previous positions include: State Librarian NSW, Director General State & Regional Development (NSW), Exec. Dir. Ops Serco Asia Pacific, and DVC Monash University.

Alison is also a past Australian Business Woman of the Year and Australian Business Leader (Professions). Alison and her family have a long history in the region originally from Grafton, and now in the Byron Shire.



Tony brings more than 34 years experience in the utilities sector to Enova, having worked as senior executive in business strategy, economic management, operational management and business
performance. One of his most recent roles, before leaving Ergon Energy Queensland was to lead the Ergon Energy retail business function through the merger of Energex and Ergon Energy and prepare the retail business to become an integral part of the merged Energy Queensland.

In South Australia he project managed the development of ETSA’s Power’s NEMMCO (market operator) interfaces and led ETSA’s readiness for the commencement of the National Electricity Market. Tony served as Managing Director of Enova from July 2017 to January 2018 and so brings a wealth of hands-on experience to his position on the Board.



Robert played a pioneering role in development of the socially responsible investment industry in Australia and has extensive finance and managerial experience across a range of businesses including accounting and property investment, community and environmental activities.

He is also an Experienced Director having served on the Boards of organisations including: Nature Conservation Trust of NSW (Chairman/Director), Rainforest Rescue (Chairman/Director), and Bush Heritage Australia (Treasurer/Director) and Australian Ethical Investment Ltd (Director).



Renowned resilience and digital transformation strategist, Mara is President of the Australian Conservation Foundation. She is also a Non-Executive Director of the Boards of Gold Coast Waterways Authority, Australian Ethical Investments, and Enova Energy.

Following studies in economics and political science her career began as a financial analyst with Morgan Stanley, in the USA, specialising in high technology finance. Following the earthquake in Nepal in 1988 she was part of the World Bank reconstruction project in Kathmandu.



Ben is an experienced commercial leader having spent over 20 years in food & beverage both in Australia and in Asia. He brings extensive marketing, strategy and general management experience to the

Ben is currently the Managing Director of Stone & Wood Brewing Co, one of Australia’s leading independent brewers and socially conscious businesses. Based in Byron Bay, Stone & Wood is a business committed to and deeply engaged in the local community.



John, based in the Northern Rivers, is a Consultant in Herbert Smith Freehills’ Sydney office where he was a partner for 20 years. He established the firm’s National Environmental Group in 1989 and led it for many years. John is recognised as a leading environmental law practitioner with extensive experience in all the legal aspects of land-use planning, pollution control and contaminated land, and in the field of climate-change law.

Following his studies at Sydney University, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Master of Arts (Hons) and Bachelor of Laws, he went on to complete a Masters of Comparative Law (Environmental Law) at George Washington University, Washington DC, USA. This was among the first environmental law masters degrees obtained by any Australian practitioner.

His extensive experience includes many years with large corporate transactions and large-scale urban infrastructure projects acting for both governmental and non-governmental clients. It also includes land use planning and environmental aspects, and greenhouse aspects, of large-scale power-plant and mining projects, and with land-decontamination projects acting for non-governmental clients.

John also has extensive experience in relation to strategic climate change issues including ‘carbon costs pass-through’, carbon capture and storage, joint venture structuring, registration and reporting obligations, and ‘carbon credit’ acquisitions.

His professional contributions include having been Secretary of the National Environmental Law Association of Australia; a member of the Executive Committee of the International Bar Association’s Committee on Environmental Law; a member of the Advisory Board of the Commonwealth Environment Protection Authority; and a member of the International Environmental Lawyers Network based in Washington DC.

John is a Life Patron of the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO). He is also a Director of the ACO Pty Ltd, the ACO Instrument Fund Pty Ltd, ACO(UK) Ltd and ACO(US) Inc. Until recently, he was a Director of Landcare CarbonSmart Limited, a Director of Flora and Fauna International (Australia) Pty Ltd and a director of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Foundation.


Company Secretary

Mark Swivel is an experienced lawyer and company Director. He studied at Sydney University and has worked in Australia and the UK in senior roles in both law and finance. He currently has his own legal and consulting business. Admitted to practice in 1995 Mark has mainly worked in financial services law.

He was a partner with Langes Lawyers (2003-2006) and a Director of Sydney Credit Union (2008-2011). He has a long standing commitment to micro-finance and is an ambassador for Good Return, a boutique NGO development agency.

Mark obtained an AFSL for energy sector company Energy Action in 2010 and joined the Enova team in 2016.DVC Monash University.