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Carbon savings

In 2020, our customers saved 18,425 tonnes of Carbon just by being with Enova!

(That means each customer that switches to Enova saves 1.99* tonnes of CO2-emissions every year!)

Which is equivalent to any one of these:





* Source:



Community charity partners - over $150,000 donated

Since June 2019, over 2,500 new customers who made the switch to Enova Energy have helped donate $151,498!

Our customers' thoughtfulness and generosity has gone directly into supporting several amazing charities and not-for-profits with vital funds, helping them to keep doing their fantastic work of supporting and strengthening communities across Australia.



$56,178 Raised


Sadly over half of the world's forests have been destroyed - they are HalfCut. This group knows forests are one of our best bets to battle climate change, so they work to save forests & re-plant what’s been cut down. Donations by our customers over the last two years have saved 17,271 m2 of the Daintree rainforest for life!


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$9,800 Raised

Liberation Larder

Feeding people in need across the Northern Rivers and providing healthy, nutritious meals at a reasonable cost - this donation is the equivalent of 1,951 meals!


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$18,195 Raised

Blaze Aid

BlazeAid volunteers work in disaster-affected areas across rural Australia, often for many months, helping individuals, families and the local communities rebuild.


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$17,800 Raised

Black Dog Institute

This donation helps to support the Black Dog Institute expand the reach of essential online tools and mental health programs so that farmers across Australia, and who may be doing it tough, know support is there when they need it.


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$2,500 Raised

Red Cross NSW Bushfire appeal

Helping the Red Cross and their volunteers to continue their work supporting affected communities across NSW and carry out their emergency operations during this time of need.


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$13,450 Raised

Shift project

A Northern Rivers based charity that supports women through the challenges they face with homelessness - helping them establish independence, stability and re-connection with their community.


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$12,600 Raised

Children's Ground

An organisation led by Indigenous communities (elders, grandparents and parents) who are creating a future for children filled with promise, hope and empowerment. Children's Ground was our NSW charity partner for early 2021.  


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CLA logo

$8,725 Raised

Community Living Association

Community Living Association (CLA) is a Queensland based, not-for-profit organisation Enova's 1st Queensland charity partner. CLA supports people with intellectual & cognitive disabilities and young people at risk to get the most from their lives. CLA is our QLD charity partner until the end of July 2021.


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Byron Community Centre

BCC logo (1)

$12,250 Raised

Byron Community Centre's Severe Wet Weather Shelter Project

The Byron Community Centre's Severe Wet Weather Shelter Project (SWWSP) seeks to address the immediate need of rough sleepers in the Byron Shire during extreme weather events. This project provides temporary shelter during extreme weather events, increasing the resilience and wellbeing of Byron Shire’s rough sleeping community.


Learn about the Severe Wet Weather Shelter Project

Any new customer who makes the switch to Enova Energy can choose for us to donate $50 on their behalf or to credit their new account $50.

New South Wales and Queensland customers use code COREM50 to donate. 

You can make the switch here!


Enabling local community renewables

In late 2019, Enova Community delivered Australia’s First Social Benefit Solar Garden

The North Coast Community Housing (NCCH) Solar Garden is a true community energy initiative, with funding coming from hundreds of community members through contribution programs, combined with our Community Partnerships to invest in a positive social and environmental project.

While other solar garden models require solar gardeners to invest, the NCCH Solar Garden is fully funded thanks to Enova’s customer contributions to our Renewable Development Initiative (RDI), NCCH, Splendour in the Grass 'Green Offset’ program, and COREM.

This Solar Garden is a 35kW solar array situated on the roof of NCCH’s administrative building in Lismore. As an Enova customer, NCCH purchases the electricity produced by the array for use onsite. Funds generated from the sale of that solar energy are divided between a range of Solar Gardeners made up of NCCH tenants (to help relieve the financial stress of their energy bills) and four community groups: The Caldera Environment Center, Mullumbimby CWA, Marine Rescue Brunswick, and Federal Tennis Club.

The solar gardeners receive credits on their Enova electricity bill and over its 20-year life span, the project will save approximately $150,000 for the solar gardeners and NCCH.

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Colin, Energy Consultant, and son

Felicity, CEO and Seb, Head of Enova's Energy Coaches

Virpi, Trading Manager, and her children

Helping build environmental resilience by planting trees - 1,000 planted so far!

Last year on National Tree Day, our local tree-planting partner Rainforest Rangers kindly held an Enova tree planting day. Our team and their families were able to help restore a small part of The Big Scrub, here in the Northern Rivers region, on local farmland and creek embankments. The focus was on planting endemic species (trees that are specific to the region).

It was a wonderful, fun-filled day that our team very much enjoyed and we look forward to many more events like that. Amazingly, we were able to plant 1,000 trees!

Trees are vital in the fight against climate change - as they grow, they remove carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in both themselves and the soil, while also releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, in just one year a mature tree will absorb more than 22 Kilos (or 48 pounds) of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!

Trees also provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s biodiversity - so it goes without saying they're vital to keeping our planet healthy.

Driving education with the support of our energy coaches

Enova Community's Energy Coaches, who are community volunteers, provide home and business energy assessments in their quest to support our communities in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our team of Energy Coaches is constantly growing! They are knowledgeable, friendly and keen to help households get control of their energy use.

Since the inception of the program, our coaches have delivered 184 consultations!



Make an impact!

If you’d like your electricity bills to contribute to social impact instead of going to the profits of large organisations, make the switch below. It only takes 5 minutes and we handle the whole process for you.

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