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Use the solar you generate and get the most value out of your household solar system!

  • white checkmark Learn how to load shift your energy use so you’re using the free clean energy your solar system produces
  • white checkmark Benefit financially from better understanding the energy you use and when you use it
  • white checkmark Key questions to ask about your household solar to help you shift your energy use
  • white checkmark Tips you can implement to start using more of your solar energy right now
  • white checkmark Learn from Enova's Head Energy Coach in how he manages his solar use

Take more control over your energy use through the day, to maximise the use of power when your solar system is producing, rather than when it isn't. 

Some feedback from readers

"Well done nice and easy read" - Colin G.

"Thanks for offering Enova customers some suggestions on using their solar system more effectively" - Doug B.

"Thanks for the guide. We were already conscious of using our appliances during the day. The next step that we are looking forward to is an affordable battery!" - Cassandra B