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Frequently Asked Questions


How is Enova different?


How long does it take to switch to Enova?

Can I change my mind on switching?

Plans - General

Am I 'locked in' to a contract?

I don't have solar. Can I join Enova?

How can I reduce my energy bill?

Plans - Home

Moving House?

Home owner?


Plans - Business

Small Business Owner?

What energy plans do you have for business?

Service Area

What area does Enova service?


How can I pay my bill?

How does the pay on time discount work?

Paper bills and eBills

Why is my quarterly bill estimated?

What if I am suffering financial difficulty or hardship?

Can I have more time to pay?

Why does my account show a negative amount owed?


Do I qualify for a concession or rebate?

How is a concession applied to my account?

Green Power

How does GreenPower work?

What is GreenPower?

Why GreenPower?


What is Time of Use (TOU)?

What is a 'Controlled Load' tariff?

What is an ASP?

Who is the energy market operator?

Solar & Meters

How does Solar Energy work?

Analog, gross and digital meters - what's the difference?

Will I benefit from a battery?

What kind of meter do I need?

How many panels do I need?

I have existing solar panels, can I add to them?

Can I install solar myself?


How do I get a copy of my Holding Certificate?

How do I buy Enova shares?