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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Enova 100% Australian?

Who owns Enova?

How is Enova actually doing energy differently?


How long does it take to switch to Enova?

Can I change my mind on switching?

Plans - General

Am I 'locked in' to a contract?

I don't have solar. Can I join Enova?

How can I reduce my energy bill?

Plans - Home

Moving House?

Home owner?


Plans - Business

Small Business Owner?

What energy plans do you have for business?

Service Area

Which areas do Enova service?

South East Queensland Expansion

Where in Queensland do you service?

What about people with Ergon Energy?


How can I pay my bill?

How does the pay on time discount work?

Paper bills and eBills

Why is my quarterly bill estimated?

What if I am suffering financial difficulty or hardship?

Can I have more time to pay?

Why does my account show a negative amount owed?


Do I qualify for a concession or rebate?

How is a concession applied to my account?

Green Power

How does GreenPower work?

What is GreenPower?

Why GreenPower?


What is Time of Use (TOU)?

What is a 'Controlled Load' tariff?

What is an ASP?

Who is the energy market operator?

Solar & Meters

How does Solar Energy work?

Analog, gross and digital meters - what's the difference?

Will I benefit from a battery?

What kind of meter do I need?

How many panels do I need?

I have existing solar panels, can I add to them?

Can I install solar myself?


How do I get a copy of my Holding Certificate?

How do I buy Enova shares?