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Understanding Your Energy Bill Guide

In a recent energy survey, a large number of our customers told us they were interested in understanding more about their electricity usage and how to read their energy bill. 

We know that most bills are quite detailed. Although some areas of electricity bills are straightforward, other sections can often be a bit confusing and filled with unfamiliar terms. 



Our new Understanding your Energy Bill guide 

We've made a new guide to help our customers cut through the jargon to help read and understand bills better! 

Our aim with this guide was for it to be informative, user-friendly, and most importantly easy to use and understand. We want to put the power back in our customer's hands - to make sure everyone understands their bill and energy usage.

This guide provides a detailed summary of each key section of your bill.

It lives here on our website - Understanding your energy bill guide. Payment methods, due dates, meter reads and usage are just some of the areas covered.

We also have a new payment option, where you can securely pay online on the Pay Your Bill page on the Enova website.


You have the power! And we've got tips to help keep your energy bills down

It pays to remember that you are in control of your energy use and we've got lots of useful resources full of tips and tricks to help you keep your bills down.  

You can learn more energy efficiency tips here and read the 10 tips to avoid bill shock and 12 tips to avoid a winter bill blow-out! 


getting-the-most-out-of-your-solar-ebook-coverGetting the most out of your solar

People who have solar have even more control over their bills - especially if you make sure you're using your major appliances during the day as you’ll be using the solar you're generating.  

Don't miss our handy guide for getting the most out of your solar. This guide is packed full of tips like how to use the solar you generate and get the most value out of your household solar system. 


Learn how to save energy from your common household appliances

In some cases, Australian households can save $10,000+ over a 10-year period by simply upgrading old appliances to a 4 star-rated appliance. 

If you apply the tips in our energy efficiency guides, get ready to start saving energy, carbon and money in no time! 

Download our free "Home appliances that don't cost the earth" guide today, to see how you could benefit your wallet and the planet.



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