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Switching electricity providers: 7 myths busted

Chances are if you’ve been with your current electricity provider for a while, you’re paying too much.

The ‘big three’ retailers still have more than 75% of the market. And a whopping 85% of electricity generation in Australia comes from coal and gas.

Enova is the alternative that is all about climate change action and empowering communities to make the transition to a better energy future.

Enova has local renewable electricity generation at the very passionate heart of our operations. We’re an innovator in that regard. So, here’s the bottom line: Your choice of electricity retailer really, really matters!

You must ask: why wouldn’t everyone be using Enova?

Well, it seems there’s some common misconceptions about Enova and why people don’t make the switch. So we’ve decided to do some myth busting.


Myth #1. "It is hard/costly/complicated to change electricity companies"

Switching is "staggeringly easy” says Enova’s Service and Sales Manager, Matthew Baxter.

“A lot of people who have never done it before just assume it will be a real process. The reality is it’s a five to ten minute phone conversation. There’s no paperwork to do and we’ll deal with your existing retailer."

We’ll do all the research into prices for you and explain any unfamiliar terms.

You are under no obligation to sign up.


Myth #2. "Enova is more expensive than other bigger electricity retailers"

Just because we’re ethical doesn’t mean we’re expensive.

“People know that ours is a generally more ethical product, and they’re very used to paying more for ethical products: for free-range eggs or Fair-Trade coffee,” says Matthew. “They assume that the same will be true in energy.

“Really, we want to dispel that myth that we are going to be much more expensive because we’re ethical. We’re not. Our pricing quite often competes with the big three retailers depending on your usage, feed-in tariffs and more.”

Unlike most retailers, Enova won’t offer an initial discount period which only costs you more when it ends.


Myth #3. "I am locked into a contract with my existing company"

When the big energy retailers make their too-good-to-be-true 12-month discount offers to customers, many people mistakenly believe they are then stuck with that retailer for 12 months. This is not the case.

“All a 12-month contract means is that the customer will receive the benefits for that period, and then run a good chance of losing it (the discount) after 12 months," says Matthew.

“It’s got nothing to do with a customer’s obligation to stay with a particular retailer for any period of time.

“It’s only a safeguard for the retailer so they don’t offer the discount indefinitely.”

People may also worry they’ll be hit with an exit fee but this rarely happens, says Matthew: he’s only seen one customer get an exit fee in two years.

So, find your last electricity bill, grab a coffee, and give our expert, friendly team a call.


Myth #4. "I need to have solar panels to be an Enova customer"

Anyone can join Enova – with or without solar, renters, owners, households and small businesses.

“In fact, we would really like some more non-solar customers!” says Matthew.

“It is one of our goals at Enova to enable everyone to participate in the renewable energy revolution, not just those who can afford solar. That’s very important to us,” Matthew says.

The more people (solar + non-solar) join Enova, the more we can build a powerful collective social enterprise that is cutting emissions, building communities and offering fair, transparent pricing.

Important Note: Enova’s prices for non-solar customers are just as competitive as for its solar customers.


Myth #5. "It takes too much time to switch and I don’t have time"

It takes 10 minutes on the phone and Enova will take care of the process for you. That’s about as long as it takes to stand in line for a decent coffee!


Myth #6. "Enova doesn't service my area"

Enova started in Byron Bay, but we continue to grow. We now provide electricity to homes and businesses throughout regional New South Wales and will be available in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong very soon! You can register your interest here.


Myth #7. "Electricity bills are hard to understand, and I don’t know how to compare"

Yep - we get it. Electricity bills are not exactly riveting reading. All that jargon and fine print! Is it any wonder many people feel overwhelmed?
But here’s the thing: Enova is really into consumer self-empowerment. We want people to understand their electricity bills.

You can send us your current electricity bill to get a detailed, dollar-for-dollar comparison between your current retailer’s rates and Enova’s. We compare ‘apples with apples’ so you know exactly what you’re getting. And you’ll be surprised at how well Enova stacks up on price.

Want to do a comparison now? Upload your bill here.

So, if you’ve wanted to switch but didn’t think it would be so easy – now’s the time!

We hope these pointers have helped to dispel any ideas preventing you from considering or making the switch. With Enova you’ll be supporting a better energy future, and you’ll get a great, no fuss deal.

Switch here or call us on (02) 5622 1700 – our local customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable and can answer all your queries. They'll even handle the switch process for you.

We look forward to having you on board!


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