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Received your first bill since the energy price changes on 1st July?

Haven't looked at your energy bill recently?

Have you noticed some changes in the cost of your last bill?

Did July 1 electricity price and offer changes sneak by you as a busy life takes hold?

If this sounds like you, please read on.


Industry-wide changes

As of 1st July 2019, new rules were brought in, meaning many new prices and offers came in to affect across the energy industry. It also meant a lot of people were left on old offers with old pricing and discounts.

The energy market is a complex one and we constantly hear from new and existing customers how hard it is to navigate. Australian Energy Regulator (AER) issued these new rules on both how pricing and offers work in the energy industry in an aim to cut through this confusion.


Misleading savings

Despite the new rules there remains a lot of confusion specifically around bill discounts and savings, because there’s a lot of inconsistency between what energy retailers offer themselves.

For example;

Some may offer a discount off the entire bill, while others offer discounts only off your usage charges. These aren’t always clear, making it hard to for people to understand the true value.

At Enova, we rolled out transparent, clear pricing for all our customers. We believe in offering a fair rate for all and not relying on discounts to give the impression of a good, fair price.

If you’ve received a bill in the last couple of months, now is a perfect time to revisit what service and value you’re getting from your current provider and consider moving to a more ethical and transparent offering.


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