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Power To The People Enova Energy’s Electricity Rewards!

Update: This competition has expired.

Local electricity company Enova Energy is marking its second birthday by saying a big ‘thank you’ to all the people who have been part of the journey so far. To reward its supporters, Enova is announcing a chance for both new and current customers to win one of five energy credits worth $1,000 each.  

In 2015, Northern Rivers locals raised more than $4m to start Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy company with a goal to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable to everyone.

“We have achieved many milestones since our inception,” says managing director, Tony Pfeiffer. “Now it’s time to give more back to the community that has helped us along the way and mobilise the broader community. We’re giving away five, $1,000 bundles of energy credit during June and early August. Both new and existing customers have the chance to win. All you need to do is join Enova or if you are already a customer, encourage a friend to join. In fact, you could do both and increase your chances,” says Tony

“One thousand dollars could power an average household for about a year. So this is one of the ways Enova is giving back to the community who supports Enova and who therefore help us to create a more efficient, cleaner, cheaper energy future for all Australians,” says Tony

“The energy industry is on the brink of change, and we know that as Enova continues to grow we can have a greater positive impact in the community.”

There are many other reasons to jump on board with Enova:


Enova – a positive disruptive force in the energy industry

Enova is the only energy organisation set up with the aim of lowering regional energy bills and guaranteeing to return 50% of any profits from a region are returned to its regional community. (Read more here on local community and renewable energy projects.)

Since Enova began, it has been disrupting the energy industry, setting the benchmark for Feed-in Tariffs when the NSW Government Solar Bonus Scheme finished at the end of 2016, and forcing the bigger energy companies to match.

Enova is also pioneering a regional sustainable energy supply and distribution model that will eventually mean that communities can control their own electricity supply. Embracing the principles of the ‘mate’ economy, this model means that local people will supply any excess solar they generate to their neighbours, customers, and mates. This not only keeps prices down, it puts money back into the local economy.


Enova is an important voice in a time of change

Recently, Enova was selected to provide evidence to the NSW Legislative Council’s Select Committee on Electricity Supply, Demand and Prices in NSW.  “As a small Northern Rivers-based start-up, and to have the State Government invite us to share our ideas on how to effect change in the wider industry, is a testament to just how far we have come,” says Tony.


Power to the people – be part of the change

“This really is power to the people. Enova was set up to instigate change and now we can influence at a critical level, where policy can be drafted, and the energy industry can be moved forward from its current uncompetitive and outdated model towards an energy market that’s fairer for consumers. Regional-based energy supply models like Enova’s are becoming more popular overseas as countries embrace renewable energy to reduce their carbon emissions. It is our intention to grow and take this model to other Australian communities.”

By joining Enova, people have a real opportunity to be part of this change.  The bigger Enova gets, the stronger our influence is, and our voice is.”


Power to the people – win when you join or refer a friend

For a limited time, Enova Energy is offering $5000 in electricity credits for new energy customers through a series of (5) five prize draws. Existing customers can also participate by referring a friend who becomes a customer. As a new customer, and to be eligible to win one of five $1000 electricity bill credits, join Enova online or phone us on 02 5622 1700. Current customers are automatically entered into the draw when their friends become customers using your customer account number as the referral promotion code. Be quick for your chance to win. The competition runs from 1 June and closes on the 10th of August 2018.


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Promotion is authorised under: NSW permit LTPS/18/24132

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