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I switched to Enova and saved

At Enova we do energy differently. Not only do we aim to provide customers with a more affordable, clean renewable energy future, but as a social enterprise we’re also providing communities with opportunities to generate, share and store their own energy.

But just because we have a social and environmental focus doesn’t mean we’re not able to compete with the other big energy players.

Being told by her friends she was paying too much, Joy is now a new Enova customer. After finally deciding to make the call to Enova Energy to find out once and for all how they would compare, she saved more than $250 for the quarter!


Enova Community Energy, the true Social Enterprise

Enova is changing the shape of the energy industry in Australia. Instead of simply being motivated by the bottom line like many energy companies, we are a true social enterprise and will reinvest 50% of our profits (after tax and reinvestment) back into local communities, whilst still being able to offer energy at competitive prices.

What’s even more revolutionary is that Enova was made possible by more than 1,600 individual community shareholders who care about the environment, coming together and building strong communities.

We’re committed to the community and, importantly, to providing competitive offers that ensure our customers benefit from joining Enova.


I never really looked at my bill

Like a lot of customers, Joy confesses: “I didn’t know what to look for on my bill when it came to best value, so to compare between one provider and another was difficult. It was hard to understand whether I was paying more than I should.”

So often, customers have been led down the path of big headline discounts without being shown the true value of the offer.

Our energy consultants receive plenty of calls daily from customers who haven’t been shown how their energy consumption and lifestyle affect which plan they should really be on.

If you would like this kind of helpful assistance, you can reach one of Enova’s friendly team of Australian-based energy consultants here.

You can also see our guide on how to read your electricity bill here.

The Enova difference in action

At the same time as servicing customers throughout NSW, Enova is already funding the operation of Enova Community, our not-for-profit arm, which focusses on energy education and efficiency – a key piece in reducing the impact of energy and emissions on our changing climate.

Reinvesting back into the community includes our work on innovative projects such as microgrids – which support sharing of localised renewable energy generation; and, solar gardens for those who cannot access the benefits of solar on their own roof. More to be announced on this in the coming weeks!


Don’t be hooked by headline discounts

When Joy thought about considering Enova she didn’t believe they could help on price.

Over the last couple of years, Joy said she had called to switch to other national companies and when she did, she was then offered even higher pay-on-time discounts from the existing retailer to stay.

This had Joy feeling like she was on a great deal. Little did Joy know, in the meantime her energy rates and charges were creeping up - and she was essentially being “taxed” for being a loyal customer.

Enova adopts an ethical, transparent approach instead. Rather than charging inflated rates and rewarding people with “high discounts”, Enova offers straight forward, transparent and competitive rates from the start, plus an additional reward for paying on time, which means everyone benefits.


Large discounts don’t always mean big savings.

And the result? Despite receiving a 20% pay-on-time discount (which anyone would consider significant), Joy was still paying over $250 per quarter more than she would with Enova.

Joy's Case Study:

  • Her previous retailer: $979.90 for the quarter, minus 20% discount ($194.37) = $785.53
  • Comparison with Enova Energy: $529.14 for the quarter *
  • The cost difference: $256.39 per quarter!

*Important: Please note individual comparison results may vary.


What could you do for peace of mind?

You may be convinced, just like Joy, that you’re on a great plan. However for peace of mind, it only takes five minutes to be certain that you’re not paying more than you should . Simply upload your electricity bill here or speak to one of our friendly energy consultants, available from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

By comparing your bill and having a one-on-one conversation with an Enova Energy Consultant, you may be pleasantly surprised. And you’ll be contributing to positive change.



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