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Free eBook - Home appliances that don’t cost the earth

There’s a common misperception that energy-efficient appliances are too expensive.

However, the purchase price is only half the story as the running costs of an inefficient appliance quickly add up.

Energy efficiency appliances do save households in the long run and can in fact be a good investment – in some cases, households can save $10,000+ over a 10-year period* by simply upgrading old appliances to a 4 star-rated appliance. And to add even more value upgrading also helps to reduce a home’s environmental impact and their carbon emissions.

With Australian households being amongst the world’s highest emitters of greenhouses gases, and together accounting for around 20 per cent of Australia’s carbon emissions, this can only be a good thing!

Enova Community’s Energy Coaches have done all the research on the most common household appliances for you and collated it into an easy to understand eBook.

In this eBook, learn about possible annual savings on a range of energy-efficient home appliances, as well as energy efficiency tips on how best to use different appliances types in your daily life, helping to reduce the household's carbon footprint.

Download your copy of the eBook today!


* All technical data and basis for calculations can be found in the e-book.

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