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Crowd-sourced Funding Offer 2018


Enova Energy is currently looking for visionaries.

We’re seeking out ordinary Australians who want to power the future with renewable energy. People who are passionate about moving away from fossil fuels like coal and gas, and who want to support innovative ways to bring renewable energy into every home and business in Australia.

If this sounds like you, then we’re offering the opportunity for you to invest in Enova Energy.

We’ve currently embarked on a crowdfunding campaign which enables people to invest as little as $100 to help us keep expanding.


Enova is disrupting the energy industry

Since its inception as Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer, Enova has pledged to do things differently. We’re keen to disrupt the energy industry as we know it. Not because we want to take a radical political stance, but quite simply, because we passionately believe that renewable energy should be more accessible and affordable for all Australians.

Renewable energy is better for the health of the planet, and it can reduce the cost of energy too. And while it is frustrating that our politicians are so slow to embrace it, as they grapple with the incumbent system, policy and transition, Enova is moving ahead anyway. Because really, it’s not as complex as the industry figureheads make it out to be. It just requires commitment.


Enova’s innovative ‘energy-sharing’ model

Enova Energy has developed a regional-based supply and distribution model that enables people to generate solar energy and then supply the excess they don’t use to their neighbours and other locals, and we’re successfully piloting this model in the Northern Rivers (where we are based).

We have other initiatives in the pipeline too, including a micro-grid project which will see a large number of local businesses and factories effectively go ‘off-the-state-grid’ by generating and sharing their own energy. This project has been supported with funding by the NSW Government.

We’re also developing a solar garden which will enable renters and other householders who can’t have solar panels on their homes, to purchase them in a community-owned set-up.


Social projects

Enova is also social enterprise. Our company charter mandates that fifty percent of our profits (after tax and reinvestment) will be channelled back into community renewable projects. Recently we’ve completed “The Commons” in Mullumbimby where along with COREM we invested in solar panels. And we’ve also worked In conjunction with North Coast Community Housing to assist low-income families by installing solar panels on the rooftops of 28 community houses. We then educated residents about how to control their energy costs through the use of solar.

The great thing about the Enova Energy business model as well as the other innovative projects we undertake is that they’re all scalable and transferable. It’s our vision that we will, eventually, initiate these or similar projects, in other regional towns, to empower other communities to take control of their own renewable energy supply and distribution.


The Byron Bay Arts and Industrial Estate Microgrid
One of the innovative Enova Energy Community Projects


The investment opportunity

And this is where you come in. We’ve reached a tipping point – we want to help more households and businesses to harness solar power. We have a vision to expand throughout New South Wales, and then, ultimately, other states in Australia too.

So much can be done at a community level to transition us into a renewable energy future, Enova is already proving that, and I hope you’ll find a reason to support us. We’ve kept the minimum share investment at $100 for 100 shares in the hope that as many people as possible will partake. We aim to generate between $600,000 and $3 million.

Since start-up Enova Energy has already achieved its initial target customer numbers of 5000, including 300 local businesses, and last year generated $5.2 million in annual revenue.

This capital raising will allow us to meet the growing demand for renewable energy at a consumer and investor level. The appetite for renewables across Australia continues to grow rapidly and provides a strong business case for investors looking to share in and support Enova’s expansion plans to meet this demand.

The crowdfunding campaign ends on November 17, 2018. Please read the offer and consider it carefully, and also the crowdfunding risks, terms and conditions.

Important notice: We recommend all Enova shareholders in deciding whether to make an application for shares consider the Crowd-Sourced Funding Offer Document: including the general risk warning for Crowd-sourced funding offers contained in the offer document.