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Thank you for uploading your electricity bill, !

You've taken an important step in switching away from fossil fuels by choosing to compare your bill with us.

A friendly Enova team member will review your current rates and reach out within the next few business days to let you know how we compare. 

While there are a wide range of choices out there, we believe our simple, competitive offers and award-winning model of keeping things local, stacks up when it comes to making a better choice for our communities and our climate. 


Enova Energy proudly gives back to communities 

shared-community-battery-The-beesEnova is proudly a "profit for purpose" energy retail company, built from the ground up by the people for the people.

Since Enova began, we’ve had the vision to do energy differently. We’ve been actively working towards a decentralised system, where we no longer have solely large-scale generation, but instead, electricity can be generated, stored and shared amongst communities. We're 100% about keeping money local, circulating in Australian communities.

As Australia’s first community-owned energy company, we play a special role in the community energy movement that’s decarbonisingdecentralising and democratising our energy system. 

While you wait for your bill comparison, check out how our customers are helping Australia to a greener, cleaner future with our social enterprise model or learn all about what community energy is


Taking real climate action

Everyday, people just like you are making a real impact in Australian communities and taking climate action - just by joining Enova.

Visit our impact page to see how we're making a real difference. 


In 2020, our customers saved 18,425 tonnes of Carbon just by being with Enova!

(That means each customer that switches to Enova saves 1.99* tonnes of CO2-emissions every year!)

* Source:

Which is equivalent to any one of these:





New customer welcome offers to donate or credit new accounts

Don't miss our new customer offers such as a $50 welcome credit! Any new customer who makes the switch to Enova Energy can choose for us to donate $50 on their behalf or to credit their new account $50.

Since June 2019, over 2,000 new customers who made the switch to Enova Energy have helped raise over $100,000

Our customers' thoughtfulness and generosity has gone directly into supporting several amazing charities and not-for-profits with vital funds, helping them to keep doing their fantastic work across Australia.

Click on our current charity partners to find out about our current new customer offers. 


We're here to help

If you do have any questions, please feel free to call our friendly Australian-based team directly on (02) 5622 1700 or email us at

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.