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Upload your recent residential or business electricity bill - please include all pages in pdf, photo, or scan format, and our team will analyse the key information to see how it compares to Enova's offers.

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Check out the top 5 reasons that our new customers tell us they choose Enova:

1. All of Enova's energy is sourced from our own customers’ rooftops and from our alliance with Diamond Energy with its expanding renewable energy generation portfolio.
2. We are Australia’s first community-owned energy provider that’s also a social enterprise. We’re owned by 1,600 individual community shareholders and we will reinvest 50% of our profits back into Australian communities.
3. 100% Australian-owned and operated. We keep energy money in Australia and work to ensure it is circulated in communities.
4. 100% committed to the transition to a renewable future.
5. Rated the Best Electricity Provider in 2020 for Customer Service and Environmental Sustainability by Choice Australia.