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Lismore gets behind our Community EV Bulk Buy!

We’re celebrating the fantastic work of an enthusiastic team of volunteers who have banded together in Lismore to help raise awareness of electric vehicles and help people learn about our EV Bulk Buy with Good Car Co!

Eric, Ashley and the team have been holding a stall at the Lismore Farmers Market for the past month of Saturdays, with one stall still to go this coming Saturday and another just before Christmas!

Because like us and Good Car Co., they believe we're stronger together. By helping people have a direct experience of driving an electric vehicle, more people will want to find a way to make their next car electric and move away from fossil fuels. And this in turn helps generate more investment in local EV infrastructure.

As part of our Enova EV Bulk Buy, the Lismore volunteers have been coordinating test drives and showcasing the EVs of Lismore locals. They're also sharing the test drive EV amongst their networks during the weeks in between stalls.

The test drive vehicle is a 30KW Nissan Leaf from the Good Car Company and is affectionately known as Red Lizzie by the Lismore Crew.

Meet Eric and Ashley with 'Red Lizzie'
Eric and Ashley edited

Eric van Beurden and Ashely Brunner have been instrumental in getting this awesome crew of volunteers coordinated and trained up to offer the test drives.

Doug, Marg, Jim, Rich and Eric Smith - savvy Lismore-based EV owners - have kindly brought their EVs to show and talk about at the markets, while people can register to go for a test drive in Red Lizzie. 

Thanks to these kind volunteers, the stall has had five EVs on display:  two 40kw Nissan Leafs, a Hyundai Kona and an all-electric MG. 

edited test station

Come on down for your EV test drive

Book in your test drive with Eric, Ashley and the crew, and grab a coffee on Good Car Co. when you're done:

πŸš— Saturday, 20 November 8.00 - 11.00am & Wednesday, 22 December 4.00-8.00pm - Lismore Farmers Market, .


Most people have never been in an EV, let alone driven one!  πŸš—

😎 In the words of Eric:

Including the weekday and market day drivers along with passengers, we've now had a total of 54 people who have been for their unforgettable first EV drive!

That's a lot of people now out there talking about it to their friends and thinking about their next car being an all-electric one.


One of the most 'lightbulb moment drivers was Jo Hunt who was totally amazed and delighted with Red Lizzie and after her test drive, said: "I'm getting one!"

The most memorable test drive for me was by Daniel-John. Till his drive, I have always had to encourage test drivers to just once 'give it some push' to feel the power.

Not so with DJ! Once he felt that power in Red Lizzie, he repeatedly slowed her right down before 'planting his foot' for the next few hundred meters! πŸš€ by the time we'd gone up the Dunoon Road hill, down via a connecting dirt road and back from his 5km blockie he was getting a real feel for the acceleration.

Check out this video of another happy test driver. "I'm sold!" she said.


The youngest test driver so far was 16-year-old Sydney, who, with his grandfather, Greg, took Red Lizzie for a spin in the safety of the showground. He seemed pretty cluey on EV technology and was a bit reluctant to hand the back wheel! 

My favourite quote from a test driver was from Phillipe, who came back from his test drive and said,

"You know, the nicest thing is going past the fuel station, looking at the price and laughing!" 🀣

Check out Phillipe's EV testimonial: 


...and isn't it incredible how the complementary skills and ingenuity of a small bunch of committed people can produce something way more than the sum of its parts...especially when it's founded on the greater good?

We completely agree, Eric πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦

Enova and Good Car Co. wish to thank Louise from the Lismore Farmers Market for enabling this community effort to happen at the markets. We also extend our hearty thanks and good wishes to Eric van Beurden, Ashley Brunner, Rich, Marg, Jim, Eric and Doug for putting their hands up to help Lismore locals learn more about EVs and get behind the very quiet and emissions-free wheels of an electric vehicle - perhaps for the first time!

Enova's Community EV Bulk Buy

πŸ‘‰ How does it work? 

1. Register your interest in Enova's Community Bulk-Buy (there's no obligation to buy!). 

2. Participants will receive a four-week program of weekly emails containing videos, webinars, information, opportunities to ask questions, Nissan Leaf test drive opportunities, and EV event invitations. 

3. The Bulk-Buy itself will be launched in February 2022. Participants can order an EV during the Bulk-Buy. 

4. Good Car Co will support you every step of the way! 

The EV program is designed to provide potential purchasers with the information and support they need to make an informed decision about buying an electric vehicle from Good Car Co. There is no obligation to buy and participants who do wish to buy can order their electric vehicle at any time during the Bulk-Buy, which runs will launch in February.  

What EVs will be available?

The Enova Bulk-Buy will offer:

  • the Nissan AZEO Leaf (24kWh, and 30kWh),
  • the Nissan Leaf ZE1 (40kWh and 62 kWh), and
  • the Nissan eNV200 electric van (24kWH) in 2, 5 and 7 seater models.

Prices range from $17,000 - $55,000.

Edited happy testers

😎 Good Car Co - with you every step of the way.   

All Good Car Co vehicles come with standard upgrades including Japanese to English head-unit (stereo and controls), dash instruments, and an Australian 10A portable charging cable, full support, and a minimum six month or 7,000km warranty (whichever comes first) and a 30-day return policy.

Good Car Co is a social enterprise created to decarbonise transport. It provides quality affordable electric vehicles to assist in an equitable transition to low emissions transport. It sells electric vehicles to individuals and in community bulk-buys like this one.

For more information, visit the Good Car Co information page here.


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