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Weekend Sunrise profiles Enova Community Energy’s big vision for community-owned renewable energy

The old, twentieth-century energy model is broken. It’s too expensive and it’s time to change. It involves one-way flows of dirty energy into the community, while money flows out on energy bills. But times are changing as communities around the country are realising they can take their power back.

A new model is now a reality, using decentralised, distributed electricity generation and storage, assisted by digital technology. At a local level, whether you’re living in a regional town or a capital city suburb, it’s a system that progressively creates more energy security, cleaner energy and is less and less expensive. And it’s a model that we’re making available for all Australians.

Weekend Sunrise recently spent some time with us and some of our customers in the Northern Rivers region of NSW to find out more about how we have been transforming the energy landscape in the region.

We’d invite you to watch the segment, and discover from customers, one of our volunteer energy coaches, our Chair and our CEO, what community-powered energy models are all about. We’d love to hear from you: what do you think about Enova's vision for energy in Australia – and the difference that our community-owned model has already made? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

An electricity company that’s community-owned and a social enterprise

Enova is Australia’s first community-owned energy retailer, formed as a social enterprise to build sustainable and resilient communities, where local renewable energy is accessible by all to create a cleaner energy future.

Now that we have proven our model works in northern NSW, Enova Community Energy is bringing its vision to cities and suburbs too.

With Enova’s entry into Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong, we’ll be supporting suburban communities to take their power back too.

If you’re in these areas and you’d like to support or switch to community energy, you can register your interest here and be among the first to have access. We’ll be in contact in early October.


How does the new model work? The positive difference!

The new vision is that communities around the country are not only powered by rooftop solar (more than 50 per cent of Enova’s electricity comes from our customers’ rooftop solar) but also by their own large-scale and small-scale community-owned renewable energy generation and storage.

This is the new energy system and Enova Community Energy is the first community-owned energy retailer in Australia established to partner with regional, suburban and metropolitan communities to transform energy. We help communities find ways to generate, store and share their own power.

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Will you join us now?

We have the power to make change happen. Will you join a new power generation now? All you have to do to support a positive change in the way energy is delivered in Australia is switch your energy to Enova Community Energy or if you’re in Newcastle, Sydney or Wollongong, register your interest to come on board in early October and benefit from an early bird offer and the chance to win some exciting prizes!


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