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Community Event: Energy Systems for our Changing Climate

Hosted by Enova Community Energy

Wednesday 12th February 2020. 6.30pm
The Byron Theatre, 96 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW 2481


UPDATE 29/01/2020: The event is now booked out. Register here to receive a recording of the evening.

We’re seeing the environmental, economic and social impacts of climate change playing out before our eyes, and communities throughout the country are being impacted.

The great news is technology, systems and methods exist NOW to create positive change and rebuild in a new way. We can regenerate, ​build resilience and adapt. There’s a real opportunity for communities to come together, educate themselves, broaden their understanding of the possibilities, and take positive action toward creating the new way – with what is available to us now. Communities can come together to bring energy generation, storage and sharing back to a community level.

Enova proudly hosts this energy-focused positive change-making forum to examine the intelligent, dynamic, locally distributed new energy systems that are on our doorsteps.

Come and hear from Damon Gameau, Giles Parkinson, Felicity Stening and Belinda Kinkead – local ​and national figureheads for the new energy systems where people and the planet matter.


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Panel Guests:


Damon Gameau, Director, 2040

Film director Damon Gameau spent three years talking with scientists, economists and regenerative agriculturalists around the world to get a handle on what is happening to planet earth. And get a good understanding of what we can do to put on the breaks and turn the ship around. He made a film – t's called 2040 – of his experiences and findings. Damon now advocates for the very real and available possibilities for regeneration in transport, energy, consumption, agriculture and carbon sequestering to halt and reverse human-caused climate change and planetary degradation. Damon’s criteria for the solutions posed in the 2040 film? That they had to be real and available to us now.


Felicity Stening, CEO, Enova Community Energy

Felicity Stening is at the helm of innovative social enterprise and energy retailer, Enova Energy – which is helping communities and tackling climate change by offering a new, decentralised energy model.

Felicity has over 25 years’ experience in the energy and environment fields, with a track record delivering innovation and climate change projects to Australian businesses, energy utilities and government agencies.  Her expertise is in electricity markets, emerging energy technology, innovation, energy efficiency, renewables and carbon markets in Australia.

Felicity’s career has been driven by a long-held and strong drive to create a sustainable future for all. She is passionate about delivering climate change solutions, and meaningful social and environmental impact.


Giles Parkinson, Editor, Renew Economy

Giles Parkinson is founder and editor of, Australia's leading website on clean technology and climate issues. Giles has an eagle eye view of how new energy systems and technologies are taking shape across the country. We’re talking microgrids, virtual power plants and peer-to-peer trading happening right now - already transforming the way we do energy.

Giles also founded and edits the electric-vehicle focused website


Belinda Kinkead, Director Australia, LO3

Belinda is at the Australian forefront of peer-to-peer energy trading. She works with utilities and retailers to deliver local energy marketplaces for communities - meeting the demands of modern energy customers. That is, people like you, who want to see progressive and sustainable change.  Local energy marketplaces offer a simple way to pool local renewables, like rooftop solar, and enable customers to buy and sell local energy, and optimise the grid at a community level. Peer-to-peer trading is not a matter of ‘if’. It’s simply a matter of ‘when’ and it’s already making its mark in projects and communities around Australia.

The panel discussion will be followed by an audience Q&A session facilitated by Mark Swivel and an opportunity for audience members to sign up to take local action. Local community partners COREM and Zero Emissions Byron will be present to provide updates on the current projects and Enova Energy Coaches will be offering in-home energy efficiency assessments.

Enova thanks Byron Community Centre for its support.


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