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Children's Ground - Enova's NSW Charity Partner


We're shining the spotlight on our incredible current charity partner; Children's Ground. Children's Ground is Enova's New South Wales charity partner and has been from mid-January until the end of April 2021.

We're extremely proud to be partnering with them, and so far with the help of our customers, Enova has raised $10,000 for Children's Ground in 2021 and have a couple more weeks to continue to raise funds. 


About Children's Ground 

Children's Ground is an organisation led by Aboriginal communities, who are creating a future for children filled with promise and empowerment.

They are a bold not-for-profit replacing the systems which have failed First Nations communities, with an integrated system that combines local leadership and global best practice for the future of children and families.

We also encourage our readers to take a look at the great resources they've put together ahead of the 2021 Reconciliation Week.

With much appreciated guidance from Children's Ground, Enova is looking forward to planning a "Wear It Yellow Day" in the spirit of reconciliation


Why we are partnering with them?

They honour every child’s brilliance and their right to safety, love, and the very best of life. DDC47311-8437-4FA5-96A7-8CF196D7DF67

Children's Ground is replacing a system where children live with injustice and disadvantages, with a system that celebrates culture, recognises talent and inspires hope. They work with children, families and communities that face the greatest exclusion and live with injustice and disadvantage every single day - with the aim to make real and lasting change.

Children’s Ground is an evidence-based approach, designed with First Nations leaders to achieve radical reform.


The Children's Ground approach

Children’s Ground partners with whole communities. Every child born today should experience a lifetime of opportunity, entering adulthood strong in their identity and culture, connected to their local and global world, and economically independent.


If all children can experience this basic right, then whole communities will enjoy well-being. Children's Ground has ten operational principles and they integrate services across five key areas.

Together with communities, they address the determinants for social, cultural and economic wellbeing. Children's Ground aligns these with cultural knowledge and global leading practice. They are creating the evidence, over 25 years, to create systems change.

Learn more about the incredibly important work Children's Ground is doing by clicking here.


Donate to Children's Ground - just by joining Enova in April 2021

Right now and until the end of April only, new Enova customers can choose for us to donate $75 on their behalf to Children's Ground or to credit their new account with $75.

New customers who make the switch have the opportunity to help support this fantastic not-for-profit. The power’s in your hands!



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