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Enova's favourite sustainable & eco-podcasts

Today there are more than 700,000 podcasts to choose from with hundreds more arriving daily.

It’s easy to be daunted by the sheer volume of podcasts on offer. Just like choosing a Netflix show, you can suffer from choice overwhelm when selecting what to listen to.

We've listed our recommendations of some of the best sustainability and eco-podcasts. There's also some of our favourite episodes to sample, that will hopefully make it easier to focus your listening efforts. 


Here are Enova's favourite sustainable & eco-podcasts:


➡️ The Energy Transition Show

Longtime energy expert Chris Nelder interviews some of the smartest and most knowledgeable people in energy, exploring global infrastructure and markets during the ongoing transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewables.

Designed to stimulate discussion about the difficult questions, the Energy Transition Show covers oil, gas, coal, solar, wind, emerging renewables, nuclear, grid power, transportation systems, macroeconomics, and more, including the latest news and research, policy developments and market events. 

🤔 Think Sustainability

From waste to wealth and grids to growth, the show digs into the impact of consumption across all areas of life.

It tracks the movements, discoveries and technologies making way for a sustainable future. 


💡 Sustainability Defined

The podcast that aims to define sustainability, one topic at a time. Each episode of the podcast focuses on a single topic that pushes sustainability forward.

They explain each topic with the help of an experienced pro, place it within their organisational tree, and help their listeners define what exactly sustainability is, episode by episode. 



🌱 Green Dreamer

Green Dreamer with Kamea Chayne features grounding conversations with thought leaders paving the way towards ecological regeneration, intersectional sustainability, and true abundance and wellness for all. 



💚 Low Tox Life

The concept of living a Low Tox Life is one that rejects perfection and black and white notions of there only being one way to 'do it right'.

On this show, they cover lots of low tox topics around sustainability, health, fashion, farming, lowering our toxic load and mind happiness. 

♻️ Trash Talking with Eco Warriors

A podcast created to delve into the inspiring stories of women in eco-business, sustainability, environmentalism and conservation.

The team discuss the challenges and wins they’ve had along the way, share their passion for the environment with aspiring young professionals and entrepreneurs, and give advice on living a more eco-conscious lifestyle. 

💭 A Sustainable Mind

A Sustainable Mind started out as Marjorie Alexander master’s thesis project, and this show is her way of expanding the conversation to include everyone.

They talk to the minds behind today’s most impactful environmental campaigns, organisations and startups. 


📈 The Impact Report

The Impact Report brings together students and faculty in Bard MBA's Sustainability Program with leaders in business, sustainability, finance, social entrepreneurship and more.

Focusing on those at the front-line of business and sustainability innovation. 

🏡 The Cohesive Home

An intentional living community for families seeking a simpler, values-based life, founded by the original “lazy minimalists” Melissa Risenhoover and Kate Saffle.

These two laid-back mums explore the topics many want to hear about: family minimalism, adventuring with your kids, balancing family and work, and more. 

🌏 The Overview Effect

The Overview Effect is the cognitive shift astronauts experience when viewing Earth from space; where the way they see the world changes and they come back to Earth profoundly connected to nature and community.

What would our world look like if we lived from the perspective of this ‘Overview Effect’?

Join James Perrin as he speaks with influential thinkers, environmentalists, humanitarians, and businesspeople to explore some of the problems we currently face, and the opportunities and solutions to come from them.

James builds upon his background as a chemical engineer who has been at the forefront of the good business/B-Corp movement in Australia, and as someone who has launched not-for-profit initiatives and given countless public talks on environmentalism and ethical business. 

Driving Net Profit With Zero Emissions

This podcast features leading organisations responding to climate change. In each episode, Barbara Albert, host and Co-CEO of 100% Renewables, interviews leading experts who offer their insights across strategy, operations & supply chain, products and services, people, branding and climate risk.

In the first episode, Barbara interviews the chair of CORENA, a revolving energy fund, which finances emission reduction projects in the community.

We hope you enjoy the inspiring content and feel empowered to incorporate some of the approaches these podcasts highlight and make any changes that feel aligned to you.

If you listen to any of these favourites, let us know which one resonates with you most in the comment section below!

Have we missed a podcast you’d recommend we listen to? Leave us a comment below so we can start listening. 

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