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Enova signs the National Position Statement Against Forest Bioenergy

Enova's purchasing decisions are ethically driven and focussed on sustainability. We are a proud leader in Australia's transition to a 100 per cent renewable energy future.  
Enova recognises the role native forest ecosystems play in carbon storage and sequestration and oppose the use of native forest biomass for electricity generation.  
In support of this position, Enova, along with 80 other organisations and five political parties have endorsed the National Position Statement Against Forest Bioenergy published by the Australian Forests & Climate Alliance. 

“The combustion of native forest biomass for energy production at the industrial scale poses serious threat to the climate, and to Australia’s unique forests and forest dependent species. 

It also hinders the capacity of nature to remove carbon from the atmosphere and the deployment of genuinely clean, renewable energy technologies. 

Burning native forest biomass is promoted by its advocates as carbon neutral and simply utilising waste efficiently. In reality, this is incorrect and misleading.” Australian Forests and Climate Alliance 

You can access the full position statement here. 

Enova continues to lobby for ethical renewable energy transition across the energy market. 

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