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Energy Done Differently

Energy Done Differently.

We are a model for how energy can be done differently: actively doing something practical about climate change, and helping local communities in the process.

We are proudly Australia’s first community-owned power company – a company that is about communities, customers and the welfare of our planet, not corporate profits. 

Launched in 2016 in Byron Bay in New South Wales, today Enova is a thriving, fast-growing company that sells electricity to households and businesses all over New South Wales and South-East Queensland.

New Business Model

New Business Model.

We have flipped traditional energy retail on its head and created a new business model dedicated to helping communities become energy independent using their own renewable energy supplies.

Enova believes Australia’s current energy system is outdated. It’s a 20th century model where there’s large scale generation plants, long distance transmission and distribution… all the energy flowing one way into the household - with money flowing back the other way to large scale generators and retailers. 

Enova is advocating for a better alternative and is helping the future to be decentralised… where we no longer have solely large scale generation, but instead, electricity is generated, stored and shared amongst communities.

A Localised Energy Future

A Localised Energy Future.

Enova sees the future as one where the consumer is also a producer - who shares in both producing the power and benefitting from it. It’s providing an alternative to the old energy model so that economic benefits don’t flow out of every region, but money stays and circulates locally, making for stronger communities and stronger regions.

Enova has started localising Australia’s energy system through innovative projects like microgrids and solar gardens, where it’s leading communities to generate, distribute and share their own renewable power and in turn lower their costs.

We are also actively looking at the latest technological developments to help our quest and to incorporate into our projects, from different types of generation (including solar and wind power) and storage, to energy trading.

Enova hopes more communities will soon adopt the localised energy approach so that there will be many regionally self-sufficient systems throughout Australia in which consumers play a strong role and are sharing the benefits.

A Social Enterprise.

A Social Enterprise.

Enova sells electricity to householders and businesses (through its Enova Energy arm). But it is more than just a business. It’s a social enterprise, with a not-for-profit arm: Enova Community - a registered charity.

50% of Enova’s profits (after tax and reinvestment) will go back into community renewable energy projects, education and energy efficiency services.

Enova Community advocates energy education - because a vital first step in reducing carbon emissions is to reduce energy use.

Its purpose is also to help everybody to participate in the shift to renewables. With many people excluded from having solar on their roof (whether due to low incomes, renting or having a shady rooftop), Enova has initiated projects like its solar garden model. ‘Solar gardeners’ can purchase panels which Enova puts on the roof of a medium sized business, in order to receive a credit on their power bills. Enova hopes to see this project replicated in partnership with regional communities all over Australia in the next few years.

enova sun

50% of profits (after tax and reinvestment)
will be reinvested into community projects.

Our journey so far


Follow our Schedule

May 2014

The idea for Enova was born
after a historic community
blockade against coal seam gas
at Bentley, Northern NSW.

Dec 2015

After hosting 30 community 
events, Enova raises $4 million
from 1,100 local residents.

Jun 2016

Enova makes history
when it launches Australia's
first community-owned
energy retailer.

Dec 2017

Enova Energy achieves it's initial
target customer numbers of
5000, including 300 local 
businesses, generating 
$5.2 milllion in annual revenue.

Aug 2018

Enova launches the Microgrid
pilot project to 30 businesses in
the Byron Arts and Industrial
Estate with the aim to expand to
the remaining 250.


Enova secures an ATO tax ruling
to allow Enova customers to
benefit from solar credits in real
time generation.

Sep 2019

Enova installs it's first solar
garden in Stone and Wood's
headquarters in Byron Bay.

Oct 2019

100% carbon neutral

Apr 2020

Launching into South-East Queensland

Nov 2020

Enova launches Sydney's
first solar garden.


100% renewable.

Join the movement

So when you join Enova, you’re not just paying an electricity bill.

You’re joining a generation of people who care – about you, your community and the planet.

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What’s in it for you, our customers?

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    Named best energy company for customer service and environmental record by Choice in NSW and Qld.
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