Enova Energy

Enova is currently building a new website.

If you are not already registered as a shareholder or a customer, we encourage you to register your details for news and, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be kept informed.   We will be announcing our energy plans and registering customers later this month.  We appreciate your patience as we set up our systems. 

Enova Energy is being established for community and environmental benefit.

Enova Community Ltd is providing has provided a unique opportunity for participation in building Australia’s first community owned renewable energy retailing and installation business.

Our aim is to build an energy conscious community in the Northern Rivers that shares common goals of:

  • maximising energy efficiency
  • meeting our own energy needs
  • fostering the take up of new clean technologies and grid-enabled community benefits and
  • reducing the regions’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We aspire to a commercially and socially vibrant model that can be copied by like-minded communities across Australia.

What’s in it for Electricity Consumers?

Once we are up and running we aim to provide:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Generous Solar Feed in Tariff ( FIT)
  • 100% Green Power and other attractive energy plans
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly local service
  • Tariff assessments, education and advice on ways to reduce energy bills
  • Trustworthy advice, installation and maintenance for solar and battery storage
  • Benefits to the local community and the environment through your energy purchases

As a locally-based community owned energy company Enova Energy intends to:

  • partner with groups and agencies throughout the community to shape finance and deliver programs to assist vulnerable households, lower socio-economic groups, and community organisations
  • employ locally
  • invest in energy education, helping potential customers understand the options available to reduce energy costs
  • assist customers struggling with high cost grid energy to make the transition to low cost renewable, and will
  • develop options to make solar take-up attractive to landlords and renters.

How will Enova Energy benefit the community?

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Read our vision statement here